Daily Life + Full Day Of Eating

Pipes woke up in a not-so-great mood (*eye roll*), so we didn't get to have morning cuddles in bed. Instead it was lots of tantrums and the word "no" being yelled every 2 seconds. What a treat. 

Rolled oats, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, IdealRaw chocolate protein (10% off with SWOLE), almond butter, 1/2 banana, chia seeds.

Rolled oats, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, IdealRaw chocolate protein (10% off with SWOLE), almond butter, 1/2 banana, chia seeds.

We made it to breakfast though by giving Piper my phone to talk to herself through the baby monitor which she LOVES haha (we have Lollipop camera, so it's an app on your phone. She talks/yells through the phone and it plays in her room). We both had oatmeal bowls which is one of the few breakfasts that actually fill me up these days! Breastfeeding probs...am I right? 

Cleaning up after this was also a treat. Thanks for asking.

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I got them both ready for the day in MATCHING OUTFITS!! I got them as a gift from LovedBaby when I was newly pregnant, and I've been so excited to put them in them at the same time!

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I vacuumed, put laundry away, yada-yada...and we headed out on a walk. Jack is still a little too small to be taking out lots of places, but getting a little bit of fresh air does wonders for my mood...and more importantly, Piper's mood.

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We played for a bit, then Piper went down for her nap. I did some pelvic floor exercises (and filmed them for Instagram),  and then spent the next hour and a half walking around our apartment with Jack in the Sollywrap because he REFUSED to nap. 

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I snacked on cottage cheese & carrots, and later had leftover sweet potato curry with quinoa for lunch while I answered emails, sent out workouts to some clients, and did some house work. I kept Jack in the wrap the whole time because I was too nervous he'd wake up haha. 

I used THIS recipe. It looks gross haha, but it's super good!

I used THIS recipe. It looks gross haha, but it's super good!

Piper woke up and had leftover Annie's Mac & Cheese, steamed broccoli, and sliced apples for lunch. 

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The rest of the afternoon consisted of taking a bath, colouring, reading TONS of books, and singing "itsy bitsy spider" 10000x. I snacked on a Square Organics bar (20% off with "goodfortheswole) and steamed broccoli, and Pipes had That's It Bites.

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Jordan had to take the car to work (he usually takes the metro thing into Downtown LA), so I couldn't go to the grocery store to stock up for the week. Luckily was just enough stuff in the fridge to make fajitas for dinner (chicken, bell peppers, onion, and sprouted wheat tortillas). 

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I knew Piper wouldn't eat fajitas (she's been SO picky lately), so she had some organic probiotic yogurt from Trader Joes, turkey slices, and leftover Banza pasta.

Full Day Of Eating || goodfortheswole.com

After Piper went down, I went to Trader Joes to get some groceries (I'm still terrified to go shopping with just the two babies - ah), while Jordan stayed home and cuddled Jack. 

We Netflixed and chilled and then I capped the night off with some Kodiak pancakes with peanut butter and strawberries. 

Full Day Of Eating || goodfortheswole.com

Daily Life

Every evening, Jordan comes home from work and asks, "soooo...what did you do today?", and every time I just look at him (aka give him the death stare). It's become this joke, which actually isn't funny, because I hate that question. I look back on the day and I'm like...wait, what the heck DID I do today? With being a full-time stay at home mum, there isn't really a check list of things you're doing throughout the day, but you're always busy! Whether it's nursing, pumping, feeding Piper, cleaning up after her, doing laundry, playing with toys, cleaning the house, changing diapers...there's always something. Looking after two tiny humans who are 100% dependent on you is non-stop and exhausting, but it's the best thing in the world.

I want to do more posts of just every day daily life, and how my approach to "living a healthy lifestyle" fits into that. I kept tabs of what this past Thursday looked like for us, what we ate, what we did etc. Nothing crazy or wild going on over here, just figuring out little Jack and our new life with him. 



Piper slept in a bit and woke up just after 8:00am. Normally I'd love the extra time to sleep, but Jack woke up to nurse at 7:30, so I nursed him and started a load of laundry. When Piper started crying I got her bottle of milk along with some warm water with fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper for me. This is good for detoxing the body, good for circulation, aids in digestion, and helps jump start the metabolism or the day. 


We drank our drinks and partied in bed for a little. Anddd by that I mean I changed both of their diapers and protected Jack from Piper's overly aggressive smooches. 


I got Jack ready for the day and nursed while Piper read us some stories and pulled out every single one of her toys. Also, please note all the bows in her hair haha. She's hoping to start a new trend. 


Piper's breakfast was 1/2 an avocado, 1 egg, and a slice of wheat toast with organic jam. This bowl  is from Avanchy and it has that suction thing at the bottom to keep it in place. It's the best!! 


I had 2 eggs, green pepper, spinach, and tomato on sprouted ezekiel bread topped with cholula sauce and Trader Joes "everything but the bagel" seasoning (this stuff is amazing!).


I cleaned up after breakfast, got Piper ready (which takes 10x as long as it needs to because she rolls around and screams when I try putting clothes on her), and we headed out for a walk while I listened to THIS podcast. I normally put Jack in the stroller too, but he was being fussy, so I kept him in the SollyWrap.


Piper went down for her nap when we got back and I sent some emails and finished up some collaboration projects. I normally use this time to get everything done and finished, but I chose to just rest and take a nap today because I've been so go-go-go lately, and I know my body still needs rest. I grabbed an Oatmama lactation bar, and Jack took a snooze on my skin while I rested. 

I was in the middle of pumping the milkies when Piper woke up, so I grabbed her, finished up, did more laundry and made us some lunch. Piper had a quesadilla (sprouted tortilla and cheese cooked with some coconut oil), cucumber slices, and black beans (she ate 2 of them....and smushed up and threw the rest on the floor. Excellent).

I had some leftover ground turkey on a bed of spinach and lettuce, with an avocado. I used this dressing on top.


I cleaned up, we played some more, started more laundry, and Piper helped me clean the bathrooms while Jack napped. By that I mean she took everything out of the bathroom cupboards while I cleaned haha. It seems counterproductive because she makes more mess, but it keeps her busy so I'll take it!


We coloured, read more books, and played with her blocks all while nursing and cuddling Jack. I'm learning how to juggle my time and attention (everyone just wants a slice, ya know?), and it's quite the transition. I feel a lot of guilt over not being able to cuddle Jack 24/7, and also not being able to do as much with Piper. I'm just doing the best I can.


I try to make sure Piper and I still do things just us two to help her with this transition too. I was feeling some cookies, so we made zucchini chocolate chip ones (I posted the recipe HERE). Things got REAL messy, but she loved it. She had a cookie and I had like...3 haha.


I made THIS chicken spinach pasta bake with steamed broccoli for dinner, and Jordan came home while it was in the oven. He took over Piper duty while I nursed Jack. 

The rest of the night consisted of eating dinner, cleaning up, giving Piper a bath, putting her down, and snuggling Jack while we watched Netflix and I worked on projects in bed...andddd snacked on cottage cheese and berries, and another cookie haha. 

LIT. right??



I’m writing this post on my phone today, so if there are even more grammatical errors than normal, please fourgiv.

I made this breakfast for me and Piper before we left for Christmas, and we both demolished it! She’s been such a freaking picky eater lately, so this felt like a small victory. 


  • 4 slices of sprouted bread (better for your gut and digestion) 
  • 1 pasture-raised egg
  • A splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Toppings: berries, coconut flakes, raw honey, cacao nibs


Whisk the egg, almond milk and cinnamon in a shallow bowl. Soak both sides of the bread in the mixture and cook on a skillet (I love melting ghee or coconut oil on it first). Cook for about 2 minutes on each side. Top with whatever you want! I used the ones listed, but also like using natural peanut butter and chia seeds too!



Health-Related Christmas Gifts

I can't believe Christmas is ONE week away!! I've been so busy getting ready for Jack's arrival that it just snuck up on me. Luckily, I got most of my shopping done a few weeks ago and I'll be getting the last couple of things on Amazon (there's no way I'm braving the crowds with a toddler and a newborn). 

If you're still looking for ideas on what to ask for, or what to get someone, I've compiled a few items that I own and absolutely love! I use them all very frequently and are things I find helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 






I can't recommend Sudio Sweden headphones enough! They are 110% worth the investment! I've had mine since the beginning of the year and they have never once fallen off during a workout (even when running, doing burpees, etc). They are SUPER comfy, they cancel out noise around you, and I'm going to be honest, they make me feel pretty cool when I wear them. They carry earbuds and headphones in different colours (I have the white headphones) and they honestly make my workouts more enjoyable because I'm more focused, and I don't have to worry about cords getting in the way or them falling off. I don't make commission off this (haha I wish I did though!!), but you can use "goodfortheswole" to get 15% off (they're originally $99)!

TRUFLASK - $39.99


A good water bottle that can hold a lot of water is a must, in my opinion. Drinking lots and lots of water is probably the very best thing you can do for your body! Having a water bottle with me at all times keeps me drinking throughout the day. I never, ever go anywhere without one. There are lots of different brands out there, but I personally like TruFlask because they keep your water cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours), plus they come in all different sizes. I have the 64 oz bottle and love, love it! You can also swap the top if you want a straw, cap, etc.

GYM BAG - $44.95


I've had my Vooray gym bag for a long time now, and still absolutely love it! It has a separate side compartment for shoes, lots of compartments inside the bag, and isn't too big or bulky. I use it for day-to-day gym trips (for my keys, headphones, water, towel, and resistance bands), but also used it when I thought spin classes in the morning before work, and had to pack my work clothes along with stuff to get ready for the day. The bag always fit everything perfectly!



I would say Senita Athletics is my favourite brand of workout clothes. I have tons of their stuff and every single piece has been awesome quality (no weird see-through nonsense) and is still in great condition. All their products are great prices too! I wore their workout leggings throughout my whole pregnancy, and when my belly got bigger, I just had them sit right under the bump. It worked great and they always felt super comfortable!

POLAR GLOBAL - $129.99


I'm not a runner, so if you want something tailored specifically towards that, I would go with a different brand, but I love my Polar Global for everything else! It has the basics of everything you need to easily monitor your heart rate and tailor your workouts towards it. It does track your distance and pace when you go on a run, swim, and bike too! This brand is awesome, especially if you're new to tracking your heart rate! I have THIS one.

DUMBBELLS - $19.98


If you want to/have to workout from home, I would HIGHLY recommend investing in a pair of dumbbells. It gives you SO many more exercise options, and you will get so much more out of the time you put in if you have some resistance to add. I have a set of 10lb dummbells and a 35lb kettlebell, and I use them for every.single.workout I do. Again, I strongly, strongly recommend getting some dumbbells if you workout from home, especially if you're a mum and are limited on options and time! 



I wrote a whole post HERE about why I strongly recommend investing in a stability ball for pregnancy and postpartum. It is a great tool to SAFELY work the core during both of those stages. This ball on Amazon is a great deal!

FOAM ROLLER - $13.95


Jordan bought me a foam roller a couple of years ago for Christmas, and we both still use it almost every day! It's been great for releasing tension in overactive muscles, releasing stress, and aiding in recovery. I always use it as part of my cool down. 


I LOVE my Day Designer! I swear I would absolutely lose my mind without it. They have the cutest patterns but, more importantly, they have everything to keep me on track - a monthly calendar, a daily schedule, a place to plan meals for the day, prioritize your top 3 "to-do's" - it's the best! They also have free printables that you can use at first if you just want to try it out!






I'm sure there are fancier brands out there, but I bought this pack of 4 resistance bands on Amazon for $7.99 over a year ago, and they still work great (I can't find the exact same brand anymore, but THIS is pretty much what I got)! I always use them in my workouts, and always pack them when we travel because there are so many exercises you can do with them! I loved them during late pregnancy too because it was a way to add some resistance without a lot of impact. Highly recommend these!!

DRY BRUSH - $9.95


I included this in my last Friday Favourites post, and it's something I have grown to love! I dry brush in the mornings to wake myself up (it really does!), but it's great for stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, and increasing blood flow throughout the body. I use it because it feels so good afterwards! Such a simple (and beneficial) self-care practice.



I also included this in my last Friday Favourites post, but MyMatcha stick would make a great stocking stuffer! I use it under my eyes and on my lips and it works wonders!! My lips don't get dry afterwards, and it prevents puffiness and dark circles under my eyes (which let's face it, I definitely need now I'm not getting any sleep). 

HONEST HAZEL - $12 (pack of 3)


I mentioned Honest Hazel in my "What To Pack For The Hospital" post, but these are eye gels that refresh and revitalize the eyes. They're packed with collagen, aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and arbutin. Just a little somethin, somethin to show yourself some love! 

QALO RING - $19.99


I haven't worked out in an actual gym for a little bit, but I would always wear a Qalo ring instead of my wedding ring when I did go. Holding weights with my ring on is uncomfortable, plus I don't like damaging it. I also don't like NOT wearing a ring though, so Qalo silicone rings works perfectly! 



Is this a lame one? Haha. I guess it depends how much you like food. I get freakishly excited over a new box of protein bars, so I know I would appreciate this little gift! I've mentioned my favourite ones a million times, but they are Square Organics (the crisp bars are INSANE and you can get 20% off any product with "goodfortheswole"), Perfect Bar (I wish I had a discount code for them!), and G2G Bar (use "theswole" for 20% off). Love the ingredients in these bars and the tastes!

One Week Postpartum

I was going to try and get a post up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday still, but it's Thursday and I'm just writing my first post for the week.


I wouldn't say I'm "busier" than before, but I simply don't want to rush around getting stuff done. All I want to do is hang out with Piper, and soak up every second of Jack's newborn stage. That's the most important thing right now, and I am in absolute heaven over here. 

Piper is down for her nap though, and Jack is snoozing on my chest (letting out the cutest snores), so before I hop into a much needed shower, I wanted to recap on this first week of my postpartum recovery!

1-5 days postpartum

1-5 days postpartum

I feel like I have to state that this is MY postpartum recovery. There is no set "normal" recovery that every woman follows. We are all different people. We all went into pregnancy in different physical shapes, with different genetics, had different activity levels during pregnancy, different approaches to eating, different babies, different hardships during pregnancy, and different deliveries. There are a lot of factors that go into it! I had NO idea what to expect after having Piper, and it was honestly all quite surprising going through it the first time. I hope by sharing MY experience, it's not used as a template or a comparison for postpartum recovery, but rather helps prepare you for going through your OWN recovery. Hopefully it isn't as shocking for you as it was for me at first haha. 

**Sorry if this gets TMI. It's hard to talk about postpartum recovery without getting specific though ha. 


As I mentioned in Jack's Birth Story, my doctor had to do a very fast episiotomy at the end of labour to quickly get him out. She did an awesome job with stitching me back up, but it was a second degree tear, meaning the tear went deeper into the muscle beneath. I felt SUPER sore, and was super swollen (from the pushing as well), for about 4 days after delivery, and standing up/sitting down didn't feel great haha. There was/is obviously a lot of bleeding too, especially because of the blood thinner shots I have to take. 

Every day I have felt a little better and better, and it's honestly AMAZING to me to think of how the body can recover after birthing a baby. It knows what to do and how to do it. It's so incredible and gives me an even greater respect for my body. I feel SO much better today (9 days postpartum) than I did this time last week. There's obviously still bleeding and discomfort, and it's uncomfortable to walk around for long periods of time, but all things considered, I feel really good!

Full term to 9 days postpartum

Full term to 9 days postpartum


Breastfeeding has been A MILLION times easier this second time around. With Piper, I had to have pillows set up in specific positions so I could nurse her in one specific way haha. It took me a few months to get completely comfortable with nursing, and I got anxiety the closer it got to each feeding time because it really stressed me out! It was also SUPER painful with her for the first 10 seconds of latching. I don't know if it's because she wasn't latching totally right, or what, but it was hard! Jack has been a master eater from the get-go...literally latched himself a couple of minutes after being born haha. He eats in half the time Piper did, and eats a LOT. It's been much less stressful, WAY less painful, and so much easier. I don't know if it's because it's my second time around and I know what I'm doing, or if it's because he's just a good eater. 


How much weight did I gain during pregnancy? Don't care. Am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight? Don't care. As for how I physically look, I'm embracing it and loving it this time around! Of course, I've looked/felt better, but I'm fully embracing this stage and appreciating my body for what it just did for me. With Piper, I didn't know what to expect, and I was honestly surprised when I still looked 6 months pregnant after she came out. I guess you're just used to looking a certain way when there isn't a baby in your stomach, so it's weird when the baby comes out and you're left with a totally foreign body. Now, my skin is obviously still soft and stretchy around my stomach (something you can't really see in a snapshot picture). For the first few days after having him, my whole stomach would jiggle around with each movement and laughter. I got used to this rock hard stomach from having a baby in there, along with the braxton hicks contractions I was having 99% of the day, so it was a weird transition. There's no other word to describe it other than "weird".  My uterus, although not as swollen as it was after he was born, is still shrinking. I still feel contractions from it shrinking, especially when I'm nursing, which apparently you feel more and more of the more kids you have (I don't remember feeling any with Piper). 

I had a little gap between my abdominals (less than 1 finger-width), which is totally normal (you don't want it to be 2 finger-widths apart or more), and it has already pulled back together which is great! Honestly, while my pelvic floor feels MUCH weaker after going through this labour, I can see and feel the benefits of all the exercises I did during pregnancy, along with making an effort to nourish my body well. I don't mean this in an arrogant way AT ALL, but I am so proud of myself because having a healthy pregnancy IS NOT EASY. It's hard! It requires a lot of effort and a lot of motivation. But it's SO worth it! It was worth staying away from certain exercises I knew weren't appropriate during pregnancy, because it protected my core and helped it recover postpartum. It was worth it to keep up with beneficial exercises because it kept my body strong FOR labour and, again helped it recover postpartum.  **You can get my pregnancy workout guide HERE. It was worth making an effort to mostly eat healthy food during pregnancy, because I don't feel like I suddenly have to start doing things different now I am postpartum. I just have to continue with what I was already doing!

9 days postpartum

9 days postpartum


I'm still working on fueling my body properly because it makes me feel good, and I know it's good for the milkies. I'm not counting calories, macros, or anything like that. I'm just trying to eat lots of REAL food (seriously, lots of it because I'm STARVING), while making room for my favourite treats still. I am not exercising right now (I have gone on a couple of tiny walk around the block, but that's it because it doesn't feel the best ha). I don't plan on exercising I am cleared at my 6 week postpartum checkup. I think it's very important to fully let me body recover externally and internally first. I will start some pelvic floor recovery movements soon, which is more like basic breathing techniques to help my body recover, but that is it. No belly band, no "get your body back quick" program...just showing my body lots of love and care right now through rest, recovery, and quality food!

I sure look and feel different from MY "old" normal, but I feel so confident in my body, and I am fully embracing this new normal of mine.