A Full Day Of Eating: Piper Edition

I get a lot of questions about what Piper eats, which I get because I'm always looking for fresh ideas on snacks/meals to give her too. 

Luckily, Piper has always been a really good eater. An extremely messy eater, but a good one. The girl really loves her food and eats A LOT. She drinks a bottle of whole milk first thing in the morning, and before she goes to bed at night. Some days she's not as hungry, and other days I can't seem to fill her up. I just kind of roll with whatever she needs day-to-day.

BREAKFAST: usually 1 egg, 1/2 avocado, and berries, or kodiak pancakes with berries and raw nut butter, or oats with berries and raw nut butter

SNACK: usually sliced cucumbers and hummus or more berries

LUNCH: usually turkey, cottage cheese, and snap peas or something. Or chicken sausage and yogurt. 

SNACK: sometimes she wants a snack now, and other times she doesn't. She'll usually have a sliced apple, or roasted veggies, or veggie straws, etc.

DINNER: depending on what time we eat (we're staying with our in-laws right now and they eat a bit later than we usually do), she'll either eat the same thing we're having, or I'll give her something similar to what she eats for lunch. I like giving her our same dinners because she gets a wider variety of foods that way.

Eating the mexican street corn pasta salad recipe I posted last week ^^

Eating the mexican street corn pasta salad recipe I posted last week ^^

Obviously packed snacks and pouches are super easy, but I usually only use them when we're traveling or on the go. I try giving her real, solid foods as much as possible. A lot of my go-to snack and dinner options are:


  • Sliced apples
  • Clementines
  • Bananas (piper doesn't like these which is annoying because they're such an easy snack)
  • Snap peas
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Roasted veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, etc.)
  • Corn on the cop 


  • Siggis yogurt
  • Annie's mac & cheese
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Kodiak pancakes (or 1 banana + 1 egg mashed together and cooked like pancake)
  • Eggs and avocado (her favourite)
  • Banza pasta + sauce
  • Chicken sausage

Handling First Trimester Nausea

I feel like a broken record because I keep bringing up nausea and first trimester sickness (trust me, I'm over it too), but I bring it up so much because it's such a huge part of the first trimester, and often the other trimesters as well. Obviously it totally sucks and it messes with you mentally because you just get SO sick of feeling terrible all the time. You're sick of not feeling yourself, not being able to eat the way you want to, not being able to workout the way you want to, yada yada yada. BUT it's always a blessing to be pregnant. I try to never take it for granted, even when it's challenging, because I know how lucky I am to be able to carry a baby.

Yesterday, I posted a picture on Instagram asking other mamas what has helped them, and there were so many great suggestions! If you're looking for lots of good ideas, go through the comments on THIS post.

There are days I don't feel AS bad as I did when I was pregnant with Pipes, and there are days that I'm like, AM I DEAD?? IS THIS DEATH?!? (no, I'm not a dramatic person, why do you ask?) Everyone has different experiences with nausea and "morning" sickness, but here are things that helped me during Piper's pregnancy and this one. 


Carbs feel so good on a nauseous stomach, but protein and healthy fats stabilize blood sugar levels (which has a lot to do with the constant nausea). Don't get me wrong, I eat TONS of carbs right now, but I try really hard to get protein and fats in my diet too, especially in the morning. My go-to breakfast is eggs and avocado, but when I feel like switching things up I love protein pancakes with shredded coconut and nut butter.


Lemon and ginger are well known for helping with pregnancy sickness and nausea. When I was pregnant with Piper, Jordan got me ginger drops from the store and they were amazing! I love Kevita drinks in general, but this lemon and ginger flavoured one is the best! It helps so much when I'm feeling sick because it's also carbonated. Plus, plus it's a probiotic so it's good for the gut which helps with the digestion issues that can happen during the first trimester too.


I think most women figure this one out quickly, but if you haven't yet, get consistent! If I go to long without something in my stomach (every 2 hours), the nausea gets 1000x worse and I almost always throw up. Eating small meals or snacks frequently really, really helps! Some women keep crackers next to their bed if they wake up in the night feeling nauseous, or to have something immediately on hand right when they wake up!


I kinda hate bringing this one up because, I get it, this is one in HARD! You are SO fatigued because your body is working insanely hard to support and grow this new baby (especially in the first trimester), and on top of that, you're throwing up all day and just generally feel like a big pile of poop. The reason I'm adding this to the list is because it CAN make you feel a little better. There are some days when I'm dead and can hardly make it out of bed, so obviously exercise is the last thing on my mind. But on days I feel okay-ish, I try to go on a walk with Piper, or do suuuuuper low impact exercises because it feels GOOD to get blood flowing through my body and to move it a tiny bit. Listen to your body, and on days you feel up to do something small, take advantage!

Piper's First Year

This time, one year ago, I was completely beat from 36 hours of labour, and was just entering the pushing stage, and preparing to finally meet our baby. 4 hours later, little Piper made her debut and completely changed my life and who I am as a person. She was worth every single second of that birth. 

There are no words to explain how it feels to meet your baby for the first time. There is just this immediate connection. She knew me and my voice, and I somehow knew her also. I spent months wondering what she would look like, what her name would be, what kind of person she'd grow up to be, etc.. But as soon as she was placed on my chest, it was like, duh...of course this is who you are. I couldn't imagine her looking or being any different. In a weird way, it felt like I'd always known her and she'd always been apart of me. I just didn't know it before.

Jordan and I often look at each other in complete awe of Piper. I can't believe we created her and she is ours, forever. I'm sitting here, of course crying because I'm #hormotional these days, but it's because I can't find words to explain what Piper means to us and how lucky we are to have her. Nothing seems to give her justice. Instead, I'm going to wrap things up with this video I put together of little moments throughout her first year of life. Happy first birthday little Piper girl.

First Trimester Full Day of Eating

I think I've said this enough, but in case you weren't aware, the first trimester is ROUGH. Even though it's hard, emotionally and obviously physically, throwing up all the time and feeling nauseous the rest of the time, I can't help but feel a little bit grateful. Some women have it so much worse and have to be hospitalized because they throw up 30+ times a day. Eek. 

Moral of the story: be nice to pregnant women. It's the most incredible, unique experience to make a baby, but it comes with it's challenges. 

I recently read a post I wrote when I was pregnant with Pipes on how to survive the first trimester, and I must say, young Becky was so wise. I would still say all those things (so I guess I'm still wise), and they're nice reminders for this time around. 

Eating can be the biggest struggle because a) most things don't sound appealing, b) most things make you throw up, c) not eating makes you throw up, and d) the few things that DO sound appealing aren't usually the healthiest. It's hard but I always remind myself that IT'S JUST A PHASE! I was able to eat healthy again, no problem, once the nausea and sickness passed.

Every day varies, and something that sounded good yesterday usually doesn't sound good the next day. I just take it meal-by-meal, and try to do the best with what my stomach can tolerate. The only veggies I can eat right now are carrots and crunchy lettuce. Apples are the only fruit that sit well. For the most part, no dairy, but LOTS of carbohydrates and eggs!


Meal 1: 2 pasture-raised poached eggs. 2 slices of sprouted toast (my favourite brand is HERE). 1/2 an avocado.

Meal 2: 1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats. 


Meal 3: 2 rice cakes with organic jam. 1 pasture-raised egg. 3 egg whites.

Meal 4: Maple sea salt RXBar 

Meal 5: Lettuce. Quinoa. Sweet potato. Grilled chicken. I took off the strawberries and goat cheese.

Meal 6: 2 slices of sprouted bread. Wild Friends natural peanut butter. Organic jam.

Meal 7: raw cashews. These actually didn't stay down very long...but that was the only time I threw up that day so heyooo!