Week Of Workouts

Happy Monday!! I maybe got 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to the lovely Piper and Jack. If I drank coffee, I’d most likely be on my 10th cup already. I have so much to do today, and was planning on getting in a leg workout during nap time, but...well we’ll just see about that. 

I wanted to share last weeks workouts, and start doing it regularly from now on. I log in all of my workouts HERE (I started from when I was 14 weeks pregnant), but I think it's nice to sometimes see specifics and get ideas from how other people workout. 


I worked out at home, during nap time, with a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and booty bands. It felt like such a good workout, and left me with the ole' noodle legs. 



Jordan has the kids for a couple of hours, so I headed to the gym and was planning on getting in a long, sweaty workout. A power yoga class was just starting when I got there, so I decided to do that instead since I figured it would be good to help my body deal with stress. 


Today was a rest day! I went on a long walk with the kids, but Piper was pushing her stroller - so it may have been long, but we didn't get too far. 


Jordan had the kids again for a couple of hours, so I headed to the gym and actually did get in a long workout this time. For the sprints, I run as fast as I can. They were killer, but felt so good. 



I did this full body workout at home, during nap time again. I don't like doing HIIT workouts back-to-back, because it doesn't allow your body to properly reap the benefits and adapt, but since yesterday's HIIT wasn't very long, I didn't feel like I was pushing it. Again I used a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and booty bands, and it was a good workout!



I did this workout at home at night, once I got the kids down to bed. I wasn't feeling it, and tried talking myself out of working out 100x, but I got changed, turned on Gilmore Girls, and got down to business. The hardest step is always just getting started. Once I begin, it's just a matter of going through the motions. Plus, Gilmore Girls is a great distraction.


2 Years of Piper

My sweet Piper is TWO years old now, and is growing into the sweetest, sassiest little girl. She's so spicy, and although it's hard at times, I love her independence and stubborn nature. I'm trying to teach her to share, be kind, be quick to apologize, to forgive, and to love, but also I'm loving all these natural personality traits she has that are coming out. 

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

She is SO smart and chats 99.9% of the day. I love having conversations with her, and listening to her express what she is thinking and feeling. She has to say bye to everything she sees whenever she leaves a room - so it's a long list of "bye lamp. bye shoes. bye chair. bye water" whenever we go anywhere haha. It's the best.

She LOVES drawing and colouring, and begs me to draw "tiny socks" all day long haha. I honestly have no idea where that came from, but I'm getting really good at drawing socks. 

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

She is still the messiest eater I've ever come across. It's unreal. I hoped it was just a phase, but it doesn't seem to have improved so...yippee. 

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

She LOVES Jack. Like really, really loves him. She requests to see him as soon as she wakes up, and aggressively kisses him all day long. Whenever he cries she says, "OH HONEY!", and strokes his head over, and over again. She is so compassionate, and whenever anyone is sad, or whenever I hurt myself, she drops everything to offer a hug and comfort.

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com
2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

I started potty training her a few days before her second birthday, and she has transitioned SO well! She picked it up quickly, and made it so easy on me. I think she owed me from all of the poop massacres I've cleaned up from her taking off her diaper during nap/bedtime. Don't worry - it's only happened 10 times. She just wears diapers for naps and at night now, and takes herself to the potty during the day. It's so nice only changing one baby's diapers now.

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

She's definitely entered the "terrible twos", and is probably one of the bossiest kids in town, but I love her to death, and I am so grateful for her. She brings so much happiness to my life, and I can't wait to continue watching her grow and develop into a little girl. 

2 Years Of Piper || goodfortheswole.com

Dealing With Stress

Thank you to Febreze ONE for sponsoring this post. I was compensated for my time, but the product review reflect my own opinion.

Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

Being a mother of two littles so close in age is obviously a bit stressful, and becoming a single mum while doing it has added a liiiiiittle more stress to the mix. I wouldn't say I am a pro at dealing with it by ANY means, but I am learning, taking it day by day, and doing what I can.

No matter what kind - or degree - of stress is going on, I think it's incredibly important to acknowledge it - and find simple ways to handle it. Stress has a HUGE impact on our health, and overall well-being, and it can wreak havoc on our system if we don't find healthy ways to address it.


Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

ENVIRONMENT: One of the biggest things that adds to, or takes away from, my stress is my environment. If there are piles of laundry to put away, toys everywhere, etc., my stress level increases by like 100%. There's not a whole lot I can do about the toy situation, because Piper is a messy tornado, but keeping things as clean as possible makes me feel like I somewhat have my life together.

Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

Febreze sent me their newest product, Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist, that is free of aerosols, dyes, and heavy perfumes, and I've been spraying it around the house daily. Having a clean and fresh smelling environment helps so much with stress and brings me a "ONE state of mind". Febreze ONE doesn't have that overpowering "fake" smell that a lot of air fresheners have (and that leave me with a headache, honestly). Having a nice smelling environment seems so simple, but it has made a massive difference for me. My favourite is the bamboo scent because it leaves a light, simple freshness, and bamboo is actually known to help people feel calm. Sign me up!

Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

MOVEMENT: It's only obvious that I'd include this one, but it has been a huge help. I don't have any postpartum goals like I did after having Piper, because I'm in a different stage in life now. Instead, I tune into my body every day, and figure out what it wants and what will help me feel the best. Sometimes it will be a hard, sweaty workout, but most of the time it's a long walk outside, or an easy run, or even just some stretching. Often my body just wants rest - and I respect that. Sometimes exercise can be the BEST stress reliever, but other times it can add to stress and make the situation worse. Checking in with myself every day helps me figure out what my body needs.

JOURNALING: I used to be an avid journal writer, which is probably why I like blogging. I actually haven't done it as much since having Piper, but my therapist got me started on writing in a journal every day now. It helps me get my thoughts out on paper, acknowledge how I am feeling, and address my emotions. While it hasn't taken away any stress, it helps me deal with it in a healthy way.

Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

NOURISHMENT: Another no-brainer, but this one is huge. It's no secret that there's a huge link between nutrition and stress. We can't often change the amount of stress we're facing, BUT we can choose what we put into our bodies - which can either help, or make the situation worse. Sure there are days I don't have much of an appetite, or there are days all I want is chocolate and ice cream, but for the most part, I try fueling my body up with tons of nutrients because it makes me FEEL good. 

Dealing With Stress || goodfortheswole.com

RELAXATION: The last thing that has helped me deal with stress in a healthy way, is doing something relaxing every day. Having two little ones makes this a quite challenging, but I often take just 5 minutes during nap time, spray some Febreze ONE to set the mood (I'm not just saying that, I really do), put some calming music on, and just clear my head. It helps me check in with myself and let go of the stress and negativity that's circling through my head. 


Febreze is letting me giveaway a bottle of Febreze ONE Fabric & Mist to TWO people. Super simple and basic to enter - just comment below! 

Full Day Of Eating

Happy hump day! Both babies are napping (finally), and I'm hustling to get things done so we can go swimming once Piper wakes up! 

Here's another full day of eating (past ones are HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE). I always feel the need to say this, but this isn't a guide of how anyone else should eat. It's simply what I ate one day. Hopefully it does provide some meal/snack ideas though!



Every morning, before breakfast, I drink a cup of warm water, with the juice of one lemon, and 1-2 tbsp of raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar. Whenever I post this on Instagram, I get tons of questions about why I drink it. I feel like I say this all the time, but I drink it because it's awesome for gut health. It aids in detoxing and energizing the body, and firing up the metabolism for the day.



I had some leftover spiralized sweet potato I made at the end of last week, so I cooked it on the skillet, with a couple of eggs and tomato, and put them on a bed of arugula. I also added some sauerkraut (also great for the gut), and used my cheesy tahini sauce for the dressing (recipe HERE).

**The spiralizer I have can be found HERE. I use it ALL the time to make sweet potato and zucchini noodles



This is one of my all-time favourite snacks (I posted a bunch of my go-to snacks HERE). It never gets old! I love it on crunchy rice cakes, but it's also super good on toast too! I just spread cottage cheese on the rice cake, cut up some avocado, and sprinkle with pink salt.



I prepped some staples on Saturday to have throughout the week, and it's been SO nice! The instant pot is amazing, and I made separate batches of salsa chicken, brown rice, and hard boiled eggs in just over an hour! I used the brown rice and chicken, and added lettuce, guacamole, and plain greek yogurt to a bowl for lunch.



A Perfect Bar late afternoon pick-me-up. This flavour is one of my favourites! I always want something a little sweet between lunch and dinner, and this hit the spot and kept me full for a while!


(NOT PICITURED): turkey burger on a sprouted bun with spinach, tomato, avocado, and mustard.



Ideal Raw chocolate peanut butter protein shake with collagen peptides! Use SWOLE for 10% off Ideal Raw products.

Current Favourites

Well. This is embarrassing because I intended to get this post up on Friday (aka Friday Favourites), but one thing led to another, and here I am on a Monday finally getting to it. I'm not cut out for this Instagram/blogger world, I'll tell ya. 

Anyway, I still wanted to share some of my favourite health-related things right now! A lot of my favourite things come from things others share, so I'm passing on the love, and hopefully someone finds this helpful!

Happy Monday!!!


Favourite Things || goodfortheswole.com

I've never had coffee (I don't drink it for religious reasons), but I've always loved the idea of having a hot drink in the morning to get the day started. Some friends made us Crio Bru one evening a couple of years ago, and I really liked it, so I finally ordered some on Amazon, and have been drinking it every morning. It's made from 100% roasted cacao beans (the grounds smell like dark chocolate!), It's super high in antioxidants, is a natural source of energy, stimulates the metabolism, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Crio Bru is by far my new favourite thing right now!


Favourite Things || goodfortheswole.com

I switched to these diapers a couple of months before Jack was born, and whenever I have to use another brand (if I run out and have to borrow one or something), I'm reminded of why I love Bambo Nature diapers so much. First of all they're eco-friendly which is amazing, second, they work SO well. Piper's had hers completely filled with water before, and it still somehow stayed secure. Most importantly, they are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens. I've mentioned this a lot, but Jack has super sensitive skin, and has trouble with eczema, and he's never once had any kind of diaper rash or sores, but did immediately when I had to use another diaper brand. I love LOVE this company, and I also use their mineral sunscreen for my babes!


Favourite Things || goodfortheswole.com

I talk about Ideal Raw ALLLL the time on Instagram, but it has been a favourite for a long, long time now. They have TONS of products (protein, superfood, green powder, matcha, coconut oil, chia seeds, probiotic, etc.), and they are all made with clean, organic ingredients. I used Ideal Raw protein throughout my whole pregnancy, and still use it while I'm nursing. Protein powders can be PACKED with artificial ingredients, and this is one of the few I felt comfortable taking while growing, and now nourishing, a little babe (make sure you talk to your own doctor before taking ANY supplement). It's also a plant based protein, which is great while nursing, because often whey protein often upsets babies tummies. 

My favourite flavours are 1. chocolate peanut butter 2. superberry (AMAZING in smoothies) 3. chocolate and 4. vanilla. I drink them after a workout, add them into oatmeal, smoothies, energy balls, pancakes...pretty much anything haha. You can use my code "SWOLE" for 10% off any of their products!!


Favourite Things || goodfortheswole.com

How cute is this cutting board?? I got it from Family Laser, and I'm obsessed with it. They do custom designs, so a common one is to have your family last name, or a significant date, or something like that, but having Good For The Swole on it makes me feel pretty legit, not gonna lie. 


Favourite Things || goodfortheswole.com

I use coconut oil for E-V-E-R-YTHING. I mean it. I cook with it, add it into my Crio Bru (if I'm feeling fancy), add it into energy balls, put it in my hair every now and then before showering (I'm bad at remembering to do this, but when I do it's the best), and use it in the shower (I rub it all over my body, and let the water take some of it off, and leave the rest on. It's the best moisturizer, and my skin feels incredible afterwards). It's also great to use on the belly during pregnancy to help with the itching and stretch marks. Also, I use it to shave my legs! There are so many great uses, and each one reaps the benefits that coconut oil has to offer!

Also, has anyone heard of oil pulling? It's this new trend where you swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes, and it's supposed to help reduce toxins and also whiten your teeth. I haven't done it yet...but there's another use!