Toddler Favourites

I posted about all of my baby items HERE, and good toddler books HERE, so I wanted to finish it off with my favourite toddler items that Piper and I love. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of things, but below are toys and products that keep both of us happy, and more importantly, keep me sane. 




Stasher Bags are THE BEST!! I hate wasting plastic, so I love these silicone reusable bags for snacks. I always have a Stasher bag of snacks in my diaper bag for when we're out and about. You can also steam food in them, freeze food (I have a bag full of frozen bananas in the freezer), and wash them in the dishwasher. I've had some for over a year now, and they're still in perfect condition. I can't recommend them enough!



I wrote a post about these bottles last week, but they're obviously going to be included in my toddler favourites because they're the best. It took me a loooong time (and a lot of different bottles) to transition Piper from baby bottles, and these Nuk learner bottles are the only ones she liked. She took them immediately and they're the only ones we use now. 



These blocks are one of Piper's very favourite toys. She plays with them alllll the time and they're so good for motor development and creative learning. We count them a lot and I talk about colours a lot with them too. I've recently been throwing these into the bath to keep her entertained for longer. It works like a charm!


I've been using Tubby Todd products on Piper for long time now, and LOVE them! Piper has super curly hair, and this shampoo gets all of the tangles out and leaves her hair so soft and smooth. I rub this lotion on her after bath time and I swear it's her favourite part of the day. She requests her "sotion" about 100x a day (not exaggerating here). I have to buy more of this bubble bath because her excitement over the bubbles will always be one of my favourite memories of her. I love their products, and love that they are 100% natural too!



I've posted about Avanchy a few times already because I LOOOOVE their bowls and plates. Piper is a true savage when it comes to food, and their products suction to the table so she can't throw the plate off her high chair (one of her favourite past times). I love how they look too. 



This Ikea high chair is the cheapest one I've come across, and it's also my favourite. It works great, I'm all for the minimal look, and it's easy to take apart. I don't know why it's showing as a little more expensive online, because we got ours for like $15 in the store. 



Piper wears Freshly Picked moccasins about 99% of the time because a) I think they're super cute b) they're comfortable for her and c) they're easy and quick to put on and off (my favourite thing about them). Piper has recently learned how to put them on herself which keeps her busy while I'm scrambling to get everything ready to go somewhere. Win-win! **She wears a size 4 and she's 21 months old, if that helps!



We actually had another baby monitor before getting this Lollipop Camera, and this is by far my favourite one! You can wrap it around the crib (probably for when they're a little younger. Piper would attack it in 2 seconds now), put it on the wall, or sit it on a flat surface. It's an app on your phone, so I can check in on her 24/7 (so can Jordan). You can play music through it, and also speak through it if you want to. It has the best night view I've ever seen on a baby monitor. **PS. her crib is also from Ikea and it's great!



This sound machine is amazing. I mean it. You can control it from your phone, and you can create specific timers, so certain music starts at a certain time every day. I have a lullaby that comes on about 15 minutes before bed time to help calm her down and prepare her for bed, and then it switches to a water sound throughout the night. It also has different colours that you can select, so older kids can use it to let them know when it's okay to get out of bed. 



Piper puts everything and anything in this stroller and pushes it around throughout the day. It apparently never gets old, and it keeps her busy. The other day I found her pushing around my bras. So that's nice. 


My mum bought these for Piper for Christmas, and she loves them! She slices them all up, and puts them all back together a few times every day. Again, it's so good for motor development, plus she gets super excited when she recognizes real "carrots" or "broccoli" and connects them with their names. 



Pipes and I do lots of puzzles together, and I think they're so good for development! I don't have these exact ones, but we they're similar, and the number puzzle we have has taught her to count everything. She counts whenever we go down stairs, put toys away, etc. I love toys like this that are fun for her, but also teach her. 



These bath letters keep her so busy during bath time. She loves counting them and lining them up which keeps her preoccupied so I can clean the bathroom, or get ready.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! All of my sisters (I have 4) are flying into LA this weekend to hang out, and I'm so excited to see them! They're the best. 

It's been one hot minute since I've done a Friday Favourites post, so below are some of my absolute favourite things/products. I use all of them regularly, and want to share in hopes that it's helpful!

Have the best weekend!!!



I went through A LOT (emphasis on the "LOT") of different types of bottles when Piper transitioned from using a baby bottle to a sippy cup, or a "toddler bottle", or whatever you want to call them haha. She just wouldn't take any of the big kid bottles/cups I bought for her. She would take a sip and then refuse to touch it again. I didn't know this was common until other mums messaged me on Instagram asking if I found a bottle that worked, because they were struggling with the same issue. Who knew haha. 

I seriously bought and tried about 8-10 bottles before finding these NUK bottlesThey are "learner cups", so they are designed to help transition away from a baby bottle. Piper drank from it immediately, and never looked back! I threw away all of our other ones, and bought 4 more. If you're struggling with this problem too, try out the NUK bottles. I got mine on Amazon, but I've seen them at Target, Buy Buy Baby...and pretty much any baby store!



On the topic of bottles, I've been using Comotomo baby bottles with Jack, and he uses them with no issues at all! I'm still exclusively nursing, but I pump as well, and Jordan has occasionally feeds him my breastmilk if he wakes up while I'm at the store, or at our apartment gym or something. I love these bottles because they are designed to mimic breastfeeding, help avoid nipple confusion (Jack has done just fine switching between the two), reduce excess air-intake (which reduces colic), and they are 100% silicone. I'm a fan! I have two 5 ounce bottles, but they also have 8 ounces bottles as well!



Okay, I know I've talked about these a few times on Instagram already, but if you are a nursing mama and are looking for a GOOD nursing sports bra - I cannot recommend Senita Athletics nursing bras enough! Seriously. GET.ON.IT! They are cute, supportive, comfy, and the clip is so easy to clip on and off. I have the blush, and stripped one, but they have a couple of other styles too, along with nursing tops to pull over your bra, or workout in. I honestly can't say enough good things about them.

**I recommend ordering a size up from your regular non-nursing size! I am pretty small chested in general, so if you "grow" a lot while nursing, or are bigger chested, maybe even go up 2 sizes.



First of all, can we talk about how I want to SPREAD JACK ON A FREAKING CRACKER AND EAT HIM ALIVE!!! I can't handle his tiny little body. He's too much. Second, and more to the point, this is the Blooming Bath and I loooove it! I used the PUJ with Piper, but I have to say that I prefer this brand more, and it's cheaper so...holla! It's this padded lotus that easily folds into any compartment (I bathe him in our bathroom sink), it's suuuuper soft and you just hang it up once you're done and it dries really fast. I love how cozy and supported he is in there! 


Is it stupid to add being able to workout again as a favourite? Whatever. I'm doin' it. It's strange working out without a bump now. I have a much a wider range of movement, that's for sure, and I don't get so breathless after doing like 2 reps of an exercise haha. I wrote a post HERE about how to properly ease back into exercise postpartum, and I'm still paying close attention to my body and how it feels. Some days I get in awesome workouts, and other days my workouts are pretty "blah" and short, but I'm moving my body and figuring out a schedule that works for us! **I'm doing workouts that are all similar to the ones in my Postpartum Workouts and Pregnancy/Postpartum Workout Subscription!