Piper's First Year

This time, one year ago, I was completely beat from 36 hours of labour, and was just entering the pushing stage, and preparing to finally meet our baby. 4 hours later, little Piper made her debut and completely changed my life and who I am as a person. She was worth every single second of that birth. 

There are no words to explain how it feels to meet your baby for the first time. There is just this immediate connection. She knew me and my voice, and I somehow knew her also. I spent months wondering what she would look like, what her name would be, what kind of person she'd grow up to be, etc.. But as soon as she was placed on my chest, it was like, duh...of course this is who you are. I couldn't imagine her looking or being any different. In a weird way, it felt like I'd always known her and she'd always been apart of me. I just didn't know it before.

Jordan and I often look at each other in complete awe of Piper. I can't believe we created her and she is ours, forever. I'm sitting here, of course crying because I'm #hormotional these days, but it's because I can't find words to explain what Piper means to us and how lucky we are to have her. Nothing seems to give her justice. Instead, I'm going to wrap things up with this video I put together of little moments throughout her first year of life. Happy first birthday little Piper girl.

First Trimester Full Day of Eating

I think I've said this enough, but in case you weren't aware, the first trimester is ROUGH. Even though it's hard, emotionally and obviously physically, throwing up all the time and feeling nauseous the rest of the time, I can't help but feel a little bit grateful. Some women have it so much worse and have to be hospitalized because they throw up 30+ times a day. Eek. 

Moral of the story: be nice to pregnant women. It's the most incredible, unique experience to make a baby, but it comes with it's challenges. 

I recently read a post I wrote when I was pregnant with Pipes on how to survive the first trimester, and I must say, young Becky was so wise. I would still say all those things (so I guess I'm still wise), and they're nice reminders for this time around. 

Eating can be the biggest struggle because a) most things don't sound appealing, b) most things make you throw up, c) not eating makes you throw up, and d) the few things that DO sound appealing aren't usually the healthiest. It's hard but I always remind myself that IT'S JUST A PHASE! I was able to eat healthy again, no problem, once the nausea and sickness passed.

Every day varies, and something that sounded good yesterday usually doesn't sound good the next day. I just take it meal-by-meal, and try to do the best with what my stomach can tolerate. The only veggies I can eat right now are carrots and crunchy lettuce. Apples are the only fruit that sit well. For the most part, no dairy, but LOTS of carbohydrates and eggs!


Meal 1: 2 pasture-raised poached eggs. 2 slices of sprouted toast (my favourite brand is HERE). 1/2 an avocado.

Meal 2: 1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats. 


Meal 3: 2 rice cakes with organic jam. 1 pasture-raised egg. 3 egg whites.

Meal 4: Maple sea salt RXBar 

Meal 5: Lettuce. Quinoa. Sweet potato. Grilled chicken. I took off the strawberries and goat cheese.

Meal 6: 2 slices of sprouted bread. Wild Friends natural peanut butter. Organic jam.

Meal 7: raw cashews. These actually didn't stay down very long...but that was the only time I threw up that day so heyooo!

2 Months Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy so far has been a complete whirlwind. Between chasing Piper around, Jordan graduating, and packing up our house to move to Arizona, I feel like I haven't had a second to sit down and just get excited over being pregnant! Don't get me wrong, we couldn't be happier, but I haven't had a chance for it to fully hit me yet. 


Like I mentioned in my post about getting pregnant again HERE, it took a little while for my period to come back after having Piper. Because my hormones were shifting from going through the weaning process and all that, I thought I was pregnant probably 7 different times. I took SO many pregnancy tests before my cycle return because I felt a lot of the same symptoms as pregnancy. It was so annoying and confusing! 

When my period came back at 10 months postpartum, I started feeling a couple of early pregnancy symptoms about a week later (increased appetite, frequently needing to pee, and aching in my lower back), but I didn't want to say anything because I was turning into the girl who cried wolf. I assumed I'd have to have a couple of periods before I could get pregnant, just for my cycle to get back on track. I also figured those symptoms were probably still just from my hormones getting back to normal. 

The next week, I woke up super early Sunday morning (actually the weekend we were in Arizona a couple of weeks before we moved), and ran to the bathroom to throw up. It wasn't morning sickness, but I had caught some type of bug and was so achy all day with the chills. Jordan went to the store to get me a Kevita drink to help settle my stomach, and called me while he was there to see if I wanted anything else. I was still feeling those pregnancy symptoms and figured I might as well just take a test. Jordan laughed when I asked him to get one because I'D SERIOUSLY TAKEN SO MANY BEFORE!! 

When he got home, I immediately went and took the test, and was telling myself not to get excited because it was probably negative and my hormones are still adjusting. Within seconds a big plus sign popped up and I ran out to Jordan with a huge smile. Haha it took him a second to believe me - he legitimately thought I'd taken a fake positive pregnancy test in there with me to mess with him haha. Please, Jordan.

We thought I was exactly 4 weeks at the time (just based off my last period), but after getting my HCG blood levels tested, it looks like I'm actually a week ahead and had ovulated early (it's normal to have back-to-back periods or to go months between periods while it's regulating again). 


The only symptoms I had at first were the ones I mentioned, an achy lower back, bloating, increased appetite, and a frequent need to pee. A week after I found out I was pregnant, the morning sickness (I want to slap whoever named it "morning" sickness. It's freaking all day sickness), constant nausea, and exhaustion hit...hard. I've been throwing up 3-4x a day, and feel like I'm about to throw up the rest of the day. I can't believe some women don't get sick. How?! HOW?? The exhaustion is also crazy. I try to sleep when Piper naps, but that's usually my only time to get stuff done, so it's been a hard balance to find. 


During the first trimester, the baby is SO tiny (I'm 8 1/2 weeks and it's only the size of a kidney bean), so, luckily, it's only nutritional needs are the ones you get from a prenatal. Since getting pregnant with Piper, I've really focused on the QUALITY of what I put into my body. I want to give my babies the best of the best, along with myself, duh. It is reassuring to know that IT GETS BETTER! The second trimester and third trimester are much easier to eat healthy because not everything makes you throw up. Right now, the only vegetable I can tolerate is lettuce. Really crunchy lettuce. Anything else makes me gag and throw up. The smell of meat is the worst, too. The only thing that settles my stomach is carbs. All I want to eat is carbs - specially BAGELS!! I craved them with Piper too, and I'm ashamed to admit I've started googling pictures of them again haha. Yesterday Jordan caught me just looking at Einstein bagels menu ha. Embarrassinggg.

Like I said, the baby's only nutritional needs during the first trimester are fulfilled from the prenatal, so I try not to worry big time during this period. Especially because I'm already feeling so terrible. I TRY to eat as healthy as I can, but I'm extremely limited which is challenging. I don't eat the way I normally would right now, and my diet consists of mainly carbohydrates, but that's okay! Obviously, it's not ideal, but I'm doing the best I can. I do try to stay conscious of what I'm putting into my body, even if it's not always the best, instead of just stuffing my face with whatever I want because "I can". That's not a healthy mindset, and it won't help later on in pregnancy when you are able to tolerate healthier foods, but have already "thrown in the towel", if you will. 


I think I have done 3 "proper" workouts so far. The rest has been walking, if that. I have the desire to workout, because I love being active, and who doesn't love a good sweat? BUT I'm all about listening to your body, and my body is FA-TIGUED. I have zero energy and my body is drained. During my first trimester with Piper, I wasn't allowed to work out because I got a blood clot in my arm. So it is still possible to have an active pregnancy, even if you weren't active during the first trimester! It's really challenging, especially if you're used to consistently working out, but if your body is telling you to rest, then REST! On days I'm up for it, I'll take Piper on a walk, but even that has me exhausted. Doing SOMETHING helps me maintain that habit though, so it's not hard to pick back up and continue exercising once energy comes back and nausea goes away. 


WEIGHT GAIN: I haven't weighed myself recently, so I'm not sure where that's at, but I wouldn't be surprised if I've gained a couple of pounds. Nothing major, but I feel very bloated and I'm eating essentially a diet of just carbs haha, so that's probably adding to the bloat situation. 

PIPER: She never stops moving, unless she's sleeping or drinking milk. She is SO busy, which makes the exhaustion even worse haha. The first trimester, for me, has definitely been harder this time around, because I can't just rest when I need to. Plus throwing up while Piper's trying to put her hand in the toilet isn't helpful, just FYI.

BLOOD THINNERS: I've mentioned this a lot before, but I got a bad blood clot in my arm when I was 5 weeks pregnant with Piper. They tested my genes and I don't have a predisposition for it. It was just how my body reacted to the high estrogen levels during pregnancy, apparently. I had to do 2 blood thinner shots a day in my stomach throughout Piper's pregnancy, until I was 6 weeks postpartum, and have to do the same throughout all my pregnancies. So I'm back on those! It sound worse than it actually is. Plus, not gonna lie, I feel pretty bad A pulling off the syringe cap with my teeth and giving myself a shot in the stomach. 

Follow Along Full Body Workout

Happy Tuesday!! I tried uploading this video to youtube yesterday morning, but it seriously took until 10:00pm last night for it to finish uploading #nottechsavvy.

I filmed my entire full body HIIT workout at the gym last week, and edited it so it's easy to follow along! Although I did it at the gym, it's def not required. The only equipment I used was a kettlebell, dumbbell, and a stepper. If you don't have any equipment, I'd recommend using milk jugs, soup cans, etc. in place of the weight - get creative! If worst comes to comes, you can still do the moves without any equipment! As for the stepper, a chair or a coffee table will work great!

Let me know if you give it a crack!