The purpose of this monthly workout subscription is to provide you with 5 different workout routines every week that are tailored for pregnant and postpartum mothers. They are specifically designed to safely strengthen the core (and restore it postpartum), help prevent and heal diastasis recti, strengthen the pelvic floor, and help keep your body strong and healthy while it goes through such a delicate and important journey.

PREGNANT MOTHERS: Please make sure you are approved to exercise by your medical practitioner first. This program is not individually tailored, so please consult with them to determine if these workouts are right for you. 

POSTPARTUM MOTHERS: These exercises are appropriate for you to begin as soon as you are cleared to workout again by your medical practitioner. Please do not begin them before you have received the all-clear. 

HOW IT WORKS: Every Friday morning you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing 5 new workouts for you to begin the following week (or whenever you want!). Each exercise is linked to a video, so if you are unsure how to do it correctly, please click on the exercise and it will take you a video demonstrating how it should be done. Once you subscribe, you will receive your first week of workouts with the welcome email. The next week of workouts will be sent to you on the first upcoming Friday from when you signed up. 

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: These workouts are all designed so you can workout at home! The pieces of equipment that are required are:

  • Set of dumbbells (if you don't have some, HERE is a set for a good price)
  • Stability ball (if you don't have one, HERE is a ball for a good price)