Avanchy Bowls

Their bowls and plates suction to the surface, so feeding time isn't as messy! They're also made from biodegradable bamboo, with silicone spoons. 

Stasher Bags

Saves on plastic bags! I use these every day for Piper's snacks and freezing/storing food. 

NUK Bottles

I bought 7 different sippy cups when transitioning Piper from bottles, and finally tried this brand. It's the only kind she'll use!

G2G Bar

I've been eating these bars for years, and am still just as obsessed! My favourites are the peanut butter chocolate chip and the peanut butter coconut. Use code "theswole" for 20% off!

Perfect Bar

These bars are insanely good (as are the ingredients)! My favourite flavours are dark chocolate chip peanut butter, fruit & nut, and dark chocolate almond.

Square Organics

Organic, vegan, GF protein bars that are so tasty! My favourite flavours are peanut butter, nuts & sea salt, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Use code "goodfortheswole" for 20% off!