Current Favourites

Well. This is embarrassing because I intended to get this post up on Friday (aka Friday Favourites), but one thing led to another, and here I am on a Monday finally getting to it. I'm not cut out for this Instagram/blogger world, I'll tell ya. 

Anyway, I still wanted to share some of my favourite health-related things right now! A lot of my favourite things come from things others share, so I'm passing on the love, and hopefully someone finds this helpful!

Happy Monday!!!


Favourite Things ||

I've never had coffee (I don't drink it for religious reasons), but I've always loved the idea of having a hot drink in the morning to get the day started. Some friends made us Crio Bru one evening a couple of years ago, and I really liked it, so I finally ordered some on Amazon, and have been drinking it every morning. It's made from 100% roasted cacao beans (the grounds smell like dark chocolate!), It's super high in antioxidants, is a natural source of energy, stimulates the metabolism, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Crio Bru is by far my new favourite thing right now!


Favourite Things ||

I switched to these diapers a couple of months before Jack was born, and whenever I have to use another brand (if I run out and have to borrow one or something), I'm reminded of why I love Bambo Nature diapers so much. First of all they're eco-friendly which is amazing, second, they work SO well. Piper's had hers completely filled with water before, and it still somehow stayed secure. Most importantly, they are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens. I've mentioned this a lot, but Jack has super sensitive skin, and has trouble with eczema, and he's never once had any kind of diaper rash or sores, but did immediately when I had to use another diaper brand. I love LOVE this company, and I also use their mineral sunscreen for my babes!


Favourite Things ||

I talk about Ideal Raw ALLLL the time on Instagram, but it has been a favourite for a long, long time now. They have TONS of products (protein, superfood, green powder, matcha, coconut oil, chia seeds, probiotic, etc.), and they are all made with clean, organic ingredients. I used Ideal Raw protein throughout my whole pregnancy, and still use it while I'm nursing. Protein powders can be PACKED with artificial ingredients, and this is one of the few I felt comfortable taking while growing, and now nourishing, a little babe (make sure you talk to your own doctor before taking ANY supplement). It's also a plant based protein, which is great while nursing, because often whey protein often upsets babies tummies. 

My favourite flavours are 1. chocolate peanut butter 2. superberry (AMAZING in smoothies) 3. chocolate and 4. vanilla. I drink them after a workout, add them into oatmeal, smoothies, energy balls, pancakes...pretty much anything haha. You can use my code "SWOLE" for 10% off any of their products!!


Favourite Things ||

How cute is this cutting board?? I got it from Family Laser, and I'm obsessed with it. They do custom designs, so a common one is to have your family last name, or a significant date, or something like that, but having Good For The Swole on it makes me feel pretty legit, not gonna lie. 


Favourite Things ||

I use coconut oil for E-V-E-R-YTHING. I mean it. I cook with it, add it into my Crio Bru (if I'm feeling fancy), add it into energy balls, put it in my hair every now and then before showering (I'm bad at remembering to do this, but when I do it's the best), and use it in the shower (I rub it all over my body, and let the water take some of it off, and leave the rest on. It's the best moisturizer, and my skin feels incredible afterwards). It's also great to use on the belly during pregnancy to help with the itching and stretch marks. Also, I use it to shave my legs! There are so many great uses, and each one reaps the benefits that coconut oil has to offer!

Also, has anyone heard of oil pulling? It's this new trend where you swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes, and it's supposed to help reduce toxins and also whiten your teeth. I haven't done it yet...but there's another use!