33 Weeks Update

Hello, hello! Piper and I are still in Utah watching 3 of my sister's kids, so it's been quite the welcome to my 33rd week of pregnancy!

Side note: All previous pregnancy updates can be found HERE, under the "All Things Baby" tab.

33 Weeks Update || goodfortheswole.com


Baby boy is apparently about the size of a full pineapple right now! He's still moving around 24/7 so I guess he has more room to grow (although sometimes it doesn't feel like it!). His kicks, that were once cute little flutters, are now more like these giant movements that make my stomach morph into the craziest shapes! It's so entertaining when other people happen to catch my stomach suddenly shape shifting. 

My absolute favourite thing right now is his hiccupping. I can't get enough of them! He has them a few times a day, and last night I woke up to go to the bathroom, and he had the hiccups for about 45 minutes. I stayed awake just to feel them all because they are so cute! 


I still don't want to share specific numbers or focus on this, because I just don't find it important and don't want it to be used as a comparison, BUT my weight is going up rather nicely. I only ever hop on the scale at the OBGYN's office, and it looks like I'll probably gain a couple more pounds this pregnancy than I did with Pipesy!


The main issue is really just sleep right now. IT'S SO HARD. Finding a comfortable position is difficult, so I toss and turn all night long...but actually moving from side-to-side is a whole process in itself haha. Waking up 4x every night to pee is another added obstacle. I love when people advise to "sleep before the baby comes", because WE WOULD IF WE COULD! The baby might as well already be here since I'm waking up every couple of hours anyway haha. 

Other than that, I've felt pretty good this week! I've had a little lower back pain and have felt quite tired, but that might be from carrying Piper, and her little 13 month old cousin around all day ha. No heartburn or swelling at all which is great! Hopefully I'm lucky enough to avoid those this pregnancy too.


I've had some painful contractions a few times these past couple of days, which makes me a little nervous. I've had braxton hick contractions (practice ones) for a while now, but these have been pretty painful and actually stop me in my tracks. I don't know if it's from pushing my body too hard, and not resting enough, or what, but I'm trying to take things slow right now. I've only properly worked out a couple of times, and the rest have been short walks with the kids. I'm usually on my feet, running around all day, so I'm really making a conscious effort to respect what my body needs and take it easy. I'm feeling a little stir crazy, to be honest, but I know it's what's best for my body and baby right now. All of my workouts are still logged HERE


Nothing in particular. Thankfully nausea has died down again, so I haven't been craving bagels like a crazy person (what the heck is up with my body and wanting bagels when it feels unsettled??). I'm loving huge apples right now! My favourite snack is siggis yogurt, a chopped up apple, peanut butter, and chia seeds. I've been eating that every night before bed. 


This stage of pregnancy, as far as the bump goes, is my favourite! For me, the first trimester is just awkward because I FEEL super bloated, but don't look pregnant yet. In the second trimester (more towards the beginning and middle of it) I just LOOK bloated, or like I have a little food baby. That's also the stage my whole body starts to change too - my arms, legs, and booty, to be precise - and I just feel pretty frumpy overall. In the third trimester, my belly grows quite a bit (durrr) and it's very obvious that I'm pregnant, and I love it! I love when people ask when I'm due now, and I love seeing my belly button poke through shirts. Of course, a bigger bump means it's more taxing on the body, but I am loving this stage! It's so empowering to see what my body is capable of. 

31 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Wednesday!! Here is a little recap of my 31st week of pregnancy! 

Side note: All previous weekly updates are under the "All Things Baby" tab at the top (go HERE for this pregnancy's and HERE for Piper's pregnancy updates).

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update || goodfortheswole.com


Little guy still feels really low, and I feel most of his movements waaaaaay down there...like as low as physically possible (if you know what I'm sayin). He's also moving a TON again, so I guess he's not running out of room like I originally thought? He was just being a lazy bum last week, I suppose. His favourite time to practice karate seems to be in the middle of the night. His sudden "heeee-yaaahs" at 4am sure scare me half to death.

I think I felt him hiccup for the first time this week (or at least recognized them). At first I figured he was just kicking to a very strict beat haha, but then it occurred to me that they were probably hiccups and he's prooobably not going to be that musically inclined.


These past couple of days I've had what feels like a pinched nerve in my back. It happened with Piper too, and it's a real treat to have it again! My hips also get achy at night time as my ligaments are all loosening up to accommodate baby. For whatever reason, my stomach doesn't feel as squished right now, so I've been able to eat a little more (errr, quite a bit more actually), so I'm still snacking and eating pretty much all day. Hopefully baby boy has some cute rolls at the end of this, because I know I will!


Chocolate! Every time I go to the grocery store, a bag of halloween chocolate makes its way into my cart. EVERY DANG TIME! I've been good and always end putting them back before I make it to check out, because I know I'll end up eating them all, and I KNOW it'll make me sick. Instead, I've been making lots of healthy treats with JoJo's chocolate bark, and it's been so satisfying and tasty!


Workouts last week were good thanks to the little week-of-workouts challenge I did (you can still get them all HERE). I've being doing lots of walking outside, resistance training, HIITs, and walking on the treadmill at the highest incline. I think my workouts will be a lot of prenatal yoga, and light resistance training this week because of that nerve pain, but I'll still be logging all my workouts (I started at 14 weeks of pregnancy) HEREand linking them to any Instagram workouts I post too!

30 Weeks Pregnant

30 WEEKS PREGNANT!! 3-0 WEEKS! The third trimester sounds legit, but when you get into the 30+ weeks, things feels/gets real!

December 4th is still my induction date, so 2 months, aka 9 weeks until he arrives! DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST 2 MONTHS GOES BY?!? I'm freaking out over here! I can't believe we're going to have another little baby in our family soon! AHHHH!

Alright, enough yelling.


This week I haven't felt him move as much as he has been. I do still feel movements every day, but I think he's running out of room in there. He's about 3lbs and almost 16 inches, but I swear sometimes it feels like I'm carrying a 10lb baby! It feels like he's sitting sooo slow, and at times I really think he's going to fall out haha. I don't know if that's normal, or if he really is just low, because Piper never dropped at all. She was always ALL the way up in my ribs. She was in the very highest position they can be, even when I was pushing, so I had to push her allllll the way down and out. Having him in a different position is super weird.

The pregnancy waddle is back in full force people! We went to a boat show yesterday (Jordan is currently trying to convince me to sell everything we own, and live on a boat for a couple of years haha...), and the waddle was on another level! Sometimes my hips are super achy and he's chilling pretty low, so waddling is my only method of transportation.

Nausea and sickness is on and off again these days, but it's NOTHING like the 24/7 nausea during the first trimester, so I'm not complaining. My stomach is super squished still, so I feel RAVENOUS and then completely stuffed after a few bites. It's actually really unsatisfying when you're really excited to eat a meal, but there's just no room. After 20-30 minutes I'm so hungry again though....so I'm pretty much eating at all times of the day haha. 

Other than not being able to eat a TON at once (I've always had a big appetite, so it's weird making smaller portions ha), my eating has been pretty normal. I've been wanting a lot of healthy fats lately (nut butter, avocado, seeds, oils, etc). The baby's brain develops a ton during this last stretch, so healthy fats are SO important! I'm making sure to still incorporate all of the nutrient dense foods, with occasional treats, which is a balance that works for me!

Workouts were really good this week! I found out the complex we live in actually has a little gym, so I've been going there at night after Jordan puts Piper down. I like the convenience of working out at home, but I always push myself more when I'm in a gym. Plus, it's right by our apartment so that's also pretty convenient. I still go on a 30-60 minute walk every morning with Pipes and the pup, and I've been doing cardio and resistance 4-5x as well (my workout log is HERE). I take it a day at a time, and do what feels best, because it's constantly changing. I'm sure in the next couple of weeks things will be at a much lower impact, but for now I'm still feeling good! Just tired.