Full Day Of Eating: Piper Edition

Piper's eating habits have changed drastically over the last couple of months. She used to be an AWESOME eater, and would eat a ton of great food. Lately, she's become a little more opinionated in all areas, but especially with her food. 

Her pediatrician warned me at her 2 year appointment that kids generally stop eating as much between 2-3 years old, and to not be worried about it. It's a little frustrating sometimes when I make her lunch, and she won't touch any of it *eye roll*, but I keep offering, keep providing lots of options on her plate, and I don't ever make her something different if she refuses to eat. If she doesn't eat anything, I just put it in the fridge and give it to her again later. 

She turned 2 in May, and while she definitely doesn't finish everything, here is a day of eating for her that's pretty typical of how she normally eats: 



1 pasture-raised egg, 1 sprouted ezekiel toast with mashed avocado.



Yogurt from Trader Joes. She used to looooove yogurt, but now only takes a few bites. 



Cucumber slices (her favourite), 1/2 slice of sprouted toast with peanut butter, a few slices of banana, carrots, and turkey slices. 



Chicken sausage, apples, and cheese slices



This wasn't her plate, obviously haha, but this was my dinner, and she had a bowl of sweet potato, black beans, corn, and avocado slices. 

Full Day Of Eating

I'm kicking off this Monday with a full day of eating from last week! Every day isn't perfect, and I try to just eat what feels GOOD. I don't count calories or macros, but I am mindful of them. For example, if I eat a breakfast that's higher in carbs (like a big acai bowl), then I'll try and focus more on proteins and healthy fats for my next meal. I feel the best when I get a good balance of everything at the end of the day, and it's just what works for me!



I had warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar first thing (read the benefits of that HERE), and then brewed some crio bru (read the benefits HERE) and took it on our morning walk. We live 5 minutes away from a High School track, so we head there and do a few laps every morning. 



This looks incredibly unappetizing haha, but it's what most of my meals look like. I've been eating overnight oats daily lately and I'm still not sick of it. I combine 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup liquid (I usually just use water), and 1 scoop of IdealRaw chocolate peanut butter protein (use SWOLE for 10% off) and store in the fridge. When I'm ready to eat it, I add peanut butter, strawberries, and hemp seeds, and it's so filling, good for the milk supply, and tastes so good!



2 rice cakes, nitrate-free turkey, arugula, mustard, and microgreens



I had leftovers from the sweet potato nachos I made for dinner the night before. I posted the recipe HERE. The leftovers are just as good and I had to have two bowls.



Alright. WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED DATES BEFORE?? WHY?!? I saw a box at Trader Joes last week, and I always see people using them in recipes, so I figured...sure, why not. I tried one when I got home, and I never got around to using the rest of them in a recipe because they're so good! Holy moly. I had a couple with peanut butter and hemp seeds on top, and it was so tasty. 



I talked my mum and sister into going to Protein Foundry for dinner with me, and we all got acai bowls (Piper and I shared mine). I love this place. 


I went to the gym after Jack and Piper went down, and finished with another IdealRaw chocolate protein shake, along with a scoop of Collagen For Her collagen peptides. 

Daily Life

I look back on every day and I'm like...wait, what the heck did I do today?? With being a full-time stay at home mum, there isn't really a check list of things you're doing throughout the day, but you're always busy! Whether it's nursing, pumping, feeding Piper, cleaning up after her, doing laundry, playing with toys, cleaning the house, changing diapers...there's always something. Looking after two tiny humans who are 100% dependent on you is non-stop and exhausting, but it's the best thing in the world.

I want to do more posts of just every day daily life, and how my approach to "living a healthy lifestyle" fits into that. I kept tabs of what this past Thursday looked like for us, what we ate, what we did etc. Nothing crazy or wild going on over here, just figuring out little Jack and our new life with him. 



Piper slept in a bit and woke up just after 8:00am. Normally I'd love the extra time to sleep, but Jack woke up to nurse at 7:30, so I nursed him and started a load of laundry. When Piper started crying I got her bottle of milk along with some warm water with fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper for me. This is good for detoxing the body, good for circulation, aids in digestion, and helps jump start the metabolism or the day. 


We drank our drinks and partied in bed for a little. Anddd by that I mean I changed both of their diapers and protected Jack from Piper's overly aggressive smooches. 


I got Jack ready for the day and nursed while Piper read us some stories and pulled out every single one of her toys. Also, please note all the bows in her hair haha. She's hoping to start a new trend. 


Piper's breakfast was 1/2 an avocado, 1 egg, and a slice of wheat toast with organic jam. This bowl  is from Avanchy and it has that suction thing at the bottom to keep it in place. It's the best!! 


I had 2 eggs, green pepper, spinach, and tomato on sprouted ezekiel bread topped with cholula sauce and Trader Joes "everything but the bagel" seasoning (this stuff is amazing!).


I cleaned up after breakfast, got Piper ready (which takes 10x as long as it needs to because she rolls around and screams when I try putting clothes on her), and we headed out for a walk while I listened to THIS podcast. I normally put Jack in the stroller too, but he was being fussy, so I kept him in the SollyWrap.


Piper went down for her nap when we got back and I sent some emails and finished up some collaboration projects. I normally use this time to get everything done and finished, but I chose to just rest and take a nap today because I've been so go-go-go lately, and I know my body still needs rest. I grabbed an Oatmama lactation bar, and Jack took a snooze on my skin while I rested. 

I was in the middle of pumping the milkies when Piper woke up, so I grabbed her, finished up, did more laundry and made us some lunch. Piper had a quesadilla (sprouted tortilla and cheese cooked with some coconut oil), cucumber slices, and black beans (she ate 2 of them....and smushed up and threw the rest on the floor. Excellent).

I had some leftover ground turkey on a bed of spinach and lettuce, with an avocado. I used this dressing on top.


I cleaned up, we played some more, started more laundry, and Piper helped me clean the bathrooms while Jack napped. By that I mean she took everything out of the bathroom cupboards while I cleaned haha. It seems counterproductive because she makes more mess, but it keeps her busy so I'll take it!


We coloured, read more books, and played with her blocks all while nursing and cuddling Jack. I'm learning how to juggle my time and attention (everyone just wants a slice, ya know?), and it's quite the transition. I feel a lot of guilt over not being able to cuddle Jack 24/7, and also not being able to do as much with Piper. I'm just doing the best I can.


I try to make sure Piper and I still do things just us two to help her with this transition too. I was feeling some cookies, so we made zucchini chocolate chip ones (I posted the recipe HERE). Things got REAL messy, but she loved it. She had a cookie and I had like...3 haha.


I made THIS chicken spinach pasta bake with steamed broccoli for dinner, and Jordan came home while it was in the oven. He took over Piper duty while I nursed Jack. 

The rest of the night consisted of eating dinner, cleaning up, giving Piper a bath, putting her down, and snuggling Jack while we watched Netflix and I worked on projects in bed...andddd snacked on cottage cheese and berries, and another cookie haha. 

LIT. right??

26 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 25+2 days

Taken at 25+2 days

It's been one hawt minute since I've been able to get a blog post up. Between moving and my laptop being in the shop, it's been quite a struggle. We're here and settled in California now though (can I get a hallelujah, TYSM?!!), and loving it so far!

Happy Labour Day to you, and 26 weeks of pregnancy to me! Holla!


I don't know if it's because of all the moving, or just this stage of pregnancy, but that second trimester energy has totally fizzled out this week. I feel perma-pooped! Pregnancy insomnia has also hit hard. I'm usually wide awake 2-3 hours every night which makes the energy situation a bit harder. Anyone have any tips?? I had insomnia with Piper too, and it pretty much stuck around for the rest of the pregnancy. Yay...


Nothing specifically comes to mind, just FOOOD!! I've felt like a ravenous beast again this week, and it's really hard to keep up with my appetite haha. I try drinking tons of water, and eating lots of nutrient dense foods to fill me up a bit more, but man...I could go for a big buffet any time of the day. 


Piper was pretty active in my belly, but mainly just at night and when I worked out. This little guy is ALWAYS moving. Always. I never have to hurry and grab Jordan's hand to feel him move. He could put his hand on my stomach at any time and feel all sorts of wiggles going on in there. I'm not sure what position he's in, but I'll feel sudden jabs in 2 different areas at once. So he's either in the splits, and kicking both legs at the same time, or giving me a nice punch and kick at the same time haha. It's the coolest/weirdest feeling in the world. I'm a bit nervous for when he gets bigger and stronger, because his movements are already pretty aggressive ha.


I haven't done any structured workouts this week because I've been on my feet all day, and moving/unpacking is quite the workout! I've also had some lower back pain/a pinched nerve, so I've been trying to take it easy. I'm excited for this week to get back to some structured exercise though because it makes me feel so much better, and I feel like I'm keeping my baby nice and strong. 

All in all, I'm still feeling good! I definitely feel pregnant now, and things are getting more uncomfortable up in here, but no issues out of "normal"  pregnancy stuff. I just feel super grateful that everything has gone smoothly so far, and I haven't faced any major issues. I haven't had any blood clotting problems (still on the blood thinner shots every day), and my little guy is growing right on track! Only 13 more weeks to go!!