Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! All of my sisters (I have 4) are flying into LA this weekend to hang out, and I'm so excited to see them! They're the best. 

It's been one hot minute since I've done a Friday Favourites post, so below are some of my absolute favourite things/products. I use all of them regularly, and want to share in hopes that it's helpful!

Have the best weekend!!!



I went through A LOT (emphasis on the "LOT") of different types of bottles when Piper transitioned from using a baby bottle to a sippy cup, or a "toddler bottle", or whatever you want to call them haha. She just wouldn't take any of the big kid bottles/cups I bought for her. She would take a sip and then refuse to touch it again. I didn't know this was common until other mums messaged me on Instagram asking if I found a bottle that worked, because they were struggling with the same issue. Who knew haha. 

I seriously bought and tried about 8-10 bottles before finding these NUK bottlesThey are "learner cups", so they are designed to help transition away from a baby bottle. Piper drank from it immediately, and never looked back! I threw away all of our other ones, and bought 4 more. If you're struggling with this problem too, try out the NUK bottles. I got mine on Amazon, but I've seen them at Target, Buy Buy Baby...and pretty much any baby store!



On the topic of bottles, I've been using Comotomo baby bottles with Jack, and he uses them with no issues at all! I'm still exclusively nursing, but I pump as well, and Jordan has occasionally feeds him my breastmilk if he wakes up while I'm at the store, or at our apartment gym or something. I love these bottles because they are designed to mimic breastfeeding, help avoid nipple confusion (Jack has done just fine switching between the two), reduce excess air-intake (which reduces colic), and they are 100% silicone. I'm a fan! I have two 5 ounce bottles, but they also have 8 ounces bottles as well!



Okay, I know I've talked about these a few times on Instagram already, but if you are a nursing mama and are looking for a GOOD nursing sports bra - I cannot recommend Senita Athletics nursing bras enough! Seriously. GET.ON.IT! They are cute, supportive, comfy, and the clip is so easy to clip on and off. I have the blush, and stripped one, but they have a couple of other styles too, along with nursing tops to pull over your bra, or workout in. I honestly can't say enough good things about them.

**I recommend ordering a size up from your regular non-nursing size! I am pretty small chested in general, so if you "grow" a lot while nursing, or are bigger chested, maybe even go up 2 sizes.



First of all, can we talk about how I want to SPREAD JACK ON A FREAKING CRACKER AND EAT HIM ALIVE!!! I can't handle his tiny little body. He's too much. Second, and more to the point, this is the Blooming Bath and I loooove it! I used the PUJ with Piper, but I have to say that I prefer this brand more, and it's cheaper so...holla! It's this padded lotus that easily folds into any compartment (I bathe him in our bathroom sink), it's suuuuper soft and you just hang it up once you're done and it dries really fast. I love how cozy and supported he is in there! 


Is it stupid to add being able to workout again as a favourite? Whatever. I'm doin' it. It's strange working out without a bump now. I have a much a wider range of movement, that's for sure, and I don't get so breathless after doing like 2 reps of an exercise haha. I wrote a post HERE about how to properly ease back into exercise postpartum, and I'm still paying close attention to my body and how it feels. Some days I get in awesome workouts, and other days my workouts are pretty "blah" and short, but I'm moving my body and figuring out a schedule that works for us! **I'm doing workouts that are all similar to the ones in my Postpartum Workouts and Pregnancy/Postpartum Workout Subscription!

8 Weeks of Jack

Jack is 8 weeks old (plus one day, if we’re getting technical), and I would say we’re getting into the swing of things now. By that I mean I went grocery shopping for the first time with them both yesterday, and I wasn’t completely terrified! WOHOO!

Jack smiles soooo much now, and it’s the sweetest thing ever. Whenever he wakes up and sees me, he gives me the biggest grin and I swear it’s one of the best things in the world. 


He is so much more alert during the day, and is constantly looking around and soaking everything in. Jordan waves his hand from side to side over Jack’s face, and he will happily follow it for like 30 minutes haha. 

He has gotten SO MUCH BETTER at sleeping at night!! Thank the actual heavens, because I was losing my marbles. Around 6 weeks he started giving me 5-6 hour stretches, and now he consistently goes down at 8:30pm, wakes up at 2:30am to eat, wakes up around 7:30am to eat again, and goes right down for a nap until about 9:00am.  


He was REFUSING to nap last week, which was so, so, so frustrating and draining. I couldn't for the life of me get him to sleep longer than 30 minutes during the day, and he was getting so overtired and cranky because of it. I worked really hard at getting his "wake time" to only be one hour in-between naps (for some reason, I thought it was supposed to be two hours - whoops), and literally did WHATEVER it took to get him to go down after an hour. It was 3 days of  just absolute madness, and it tested ALL of my patience, but he finally got the idea and he naps so much better now!!


In my church, the dad gives a new baby a blessing. We went to Utah, where all of my family is, to bless him a couple of weeks ago, and his little blessing outfit kills me! So do his double chins. 


He loves baths, walks in the stroller, the baby carrier, and car rides (unless the car isn't moving. Then it's pure misery...for everyone haha. It’s a good thing LA traffic isn’t bad at all....).


Piper still loves him, and has stopped throwing extra tantrums. Now it's just the regular amount that a toddler has haha. All in all, she has adjusted really well and seems to be back to her normal self.


Breastfeeding is still going great! I make sure to drink and eat even more now that I'm working out again, to make sure my milk supply stays high. So far, I haven't had any issues with it dropping. I'm still pumping, and Jordan has given him a bottle a couple of times which he has taken just fine. We use THIS kind. 

I feel like my postpartum hormones aren't fully back to normal yet. I'm not sure when they stabilize, but there are days every now and then that I feel completely crazy and emotional haha. On that note, “mum brain” is on a whole different level now haha. I’m so forgetful these days!

Overall, I'm feeling good! My body certainly isn't back to "normal", but I love it and I'm so grateful it gave me little Jack.