Favourite Self Care Practices

I think every single person should practice some type of self care each day. but especially mothers who, from when they wake up to when they go to sleep, are taking care of someone else. It's such a blessing, but it is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. 

Yes, working out is a form of self care (which is 99% of the reason I make it a priority). Yes, going to get a massage, facial, pedicure, etc. are all forms of self care...but they aren't always realistic. I like keeping it simple, and sticking to small, quick ways I can show myself some love DAILY. Below are a my favourites, and ones that make all the difference to me:


Self Care Practices || goodfortheswole.com

I've only talked about dry brushing a million times already, but it's still something I love and look forward to because it feels SO good. It stimulates blood circulation, which instantly energizes you! Seriously. Try it. It stimulates the lymphatic system (aka helps get rid of toxins), exfoliates the skin, and promotes new skin growth. I dry brush every morning before I get ready (or late afternoon if I don't end up getting ready until then ha).


Self Care Practices || goodfortheswole.com

This charcoal mask may scare Piper half to death, but I use it once a week (usually on Sunday night). It's nice to do a little extra something to kickstart the new week, and it just feels good. I got in on Amazon!


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love taking baths. They're so relaxing, and take one almost every night when the kids go down. I usually take a snack (I'm classy), watch a show, and just decompress for a little bit. It's my favourite form of self care. 


Self Care Practices || goodfortheswole.com

I love drinking either herbal tea or crio bru everyday. I love crio bru for the health benefits too, but there's just something about having a hot drink that is relaxing and refreshing, and it just feels good. You know? 


Self Care Practices || goodfortheswole.com

I used to write in my journal ALL the time, but since having kids I haven't been as good at it. My therapist got me started again while going through the divorce to help me process and deal with things that happened. Every day I write "today was good" or "today was hard", and then explain why. It's such a small practice, but it has really helped me stay mentally healthy, and I think that is something that's incredibly overlooked these days. Every morning I also read scriptures or a religious talk or book to set the tone for the day. Some days I only get in 5 minutes, but it always starts the day on a positive note, and leaves me feeling good. It can be 5 minutes of meditation, or listening to a podcast - anything to get you in a good, healthy headspace!