5 Healthy Morning Habits

I LOVE mornings because it always feels like a fresh start. Even though mornings are crazy with trying to get two little ones fed, cleaned, changed, and ready for the day - I still look forward to them. These are 5 healthy habits that I do every morning, and I honestly feel like they set me up for success and make the day more productive and positive. 


Healthy Morning Habits || goodfortheswole.com

Fresh lemon water in the morning, mixed apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and warm water has a lot of great benefits! Apple cider vinegar is FULL of of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It's awesome for gut health (a health gut = a healthy body), balances PH levels, and is well known for cleansing the system. **Make sure it's raw and unfiltered vinegar, because filtering, pasteurizing and processing kills all of the good stuff. Fresh lemon aids in digestion and detoxification, and cayenne pepper is great for boosting metabolism, also digestion, and increasing blood circulation. I always get asked this question, and YES, it has to be warm water. It's best for digestion. To reap the full benefits, drink this before eating anything.

I use the juice of 1 fresh lemon, about 2 cups of warm water, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. If the apple cider vinegar is too strong for you at first, add more water to dilute it! You can also add a little raw honey (regular honey has been processed that all of the benefits are lost).


Healthy Morning Habits || goodfortheswole.com

Spiritual, and inspirational reading has been the hardest for me to figure out, timing wise. I used to do it at night, before going to sleep, but I am sooo sleepy and exhausted from the day that I wasn't getting much out of it. Instead I moved it to my morning routine, and it's not only more meaningful, but it sets a good tone for the day. I am religious, so I read scriptures from my religion, but I think it's important to set aside at least 5-10 minutes every morning to meditate, read (or listen to!) something inspirational, and focus on trying to improve. 

Sometimes I am able to do this before both kids wake up. Sometimes just one of the kids are awake, or sometimes they both are. They're usually pretty happy in the mornings, so I take a few minutes to take care of my mental health.


Healthy Morning Habits || goodfortheswole.com

Eating a breakfast that has a good amount of healthy fats and protein MASSIVELY improves my eating for the rest of the day. First, it revs up the metabolism, and second, it curbs my cravings later on in the day (especially in the late afternoon and evening). It fills me up, stabilizes my hormones, and stops me from mindlessly snacking. If anyone is looking to improve their eating habits, this is always one of the first things I recommend. It makes a huge difference.

I posted 10 of the breakfasts I cycle through HERE. I still eat carbohydrates in the morning, but I always make sure there are lots of protein and healthy fats in there too.


Healthy Morning Habits || goodfortheswole.com

I have talked about dry brushing HERE before, and post about it frequently on my Instagram stories, but this is one of my favourite, favourite forms of self care. I bought mine on Amazon for under $10, so it's quite cheap, and it doesn't take much time at all - BUT there are lots of benefits to it! I do it every morning after breakfast, ideally before showering and getting ready, but sometimes they don't happen until 4pm haha. 

Dry brushing stimulates the lymph nodes (which removes the toxins in your body), removes dead skin and promotes new skin growth. It also leaves the skin looking fresher! It energizes the body (which is why you want to do it in the morning, not at night), boosts circulation, and is S0 good for digestion! It is also known to reduce the appearance of cellulite. HERE is a good video demonstrating how to do it. I highly recommend implementing this!


Healthy Morning Habits || goodfortheswole.com

Last, but not least, MOVEMENT! A lot of people workout first thing in the morning, before their kids wake up, which is great and obviously works well! I think this can be daunting to a lot of women who want to start exercising, but the thought of having to wake up every morning at 4-5am is frightening haha. I get it. If working out early works for you - ah yeah! If not, that's okay! It's not your only option! I don't work out before the kids wake up because I don't have someone else to watch them in case one of them wakes up while I'm gone. Also, Jack sometimes wakes up for the day at 5am, or 6am, or 7am (still working on his sleeping *eye roll*). Instead I opt for nap time workouts, or once they're down for bed at 8pm, or even when they're both awake and playing. I love incorporating them and playing with them while I do it. 

Back to the point, Becky. 

You don't HAVE to get in a full blown workout first thing in the morning, BUT some type of movement in the morning is great! Again, it sets the tone for the day, and it stimulates digestion. I love going for a morning walk with them both, or playing outside, or even just doing some deep stretching. It's ALL beneficial, and it ALL helps. 

These morning habits are almost sacred to me now, because they make me a better person, a better mother, and they help me handle the day - no matter what it throws at me.