26 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 25+2 days

Taken at 25+2 days

It's been one hawt minute since I've been able to get a blog post up. Between moving and my laptop being in the shop, it's been quite a struggle. We're here and settled in California now though (can I get a hallelujah, TYSM?!!), and loving it so far!

Happy Labour Day to you, and 26 weeks of pregnancy to me! Holla!


I don't know if it's because of all the moving, or just this stage of pregnancy, but that second trimester energy has totally fizzled out this week. I feel perma-pooped! Pregnancy insomnia has also hit hard. I'm usually wide awake 2-3 hours every night which makes the energy situation a bit harder. Anyone have any tips?? I had insomnia with Piper too, and it pretty much stuck around for the rest of the pregnancy. Yay...


Nothing specifically comes to mind, just FOOOD!! I've felt like a ravenous beast again this week, and it's really hard to keep up with my appetite haha. I try drinking tons of water, and eating lots of nutrient dense foods to fill me up a bit more, but man...I could go for a big buffet any time of the day. 


Piper was pretty active in my belly, but mainly just at night and when I worked out. This little guy is ALWAYS moving. Always. I never have to hurry and grab Jordan's hand to feel him move. He could put his hand on my stomach at any time and feel all sorts of wiggles going on in there. I'm not sure what position he's in, but I'll feel sudden jabs in 2 different areas at once. So he's either in the splits, and kicking both legs at the same time, or giving me a nice punch and kick at the same time haha. It's the coolest/weirdest feeling in the world. I'm a bit nervous for when he gets bigger and stronger, because his movements are already pretty aggressive ha.


I haven't done any structured workouts this week because I've been on my feet all day, and moving/unpacking is quite the workout! I've also had some lower back pain/a pinched nerve, so I've been trying to take it easy. I'm excited for this week to get back to some structured exercise though because it makes me feel so much better, and I feel like I'm keeping my baby nice and strong. 

All in all, I'm still feeling good! I definitely feel pregnant now, and things are getting more uncomfortable up in here, but no issues out of "normal"  pregnancy stuff. I just feel super grateful that everything has gone smoothly so far, and I haven't faced any major issues. I haven't had any blood clotting problems (still on the blood thinner shots every day), and my little guy is growing right on track! Only 13 more weeks to go!!