Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!!!!!! We're going to Newport for a week with my family tomorrow, and, as the kids would say, it's gonna be LIT! Today I'm doing tons of laundry, packing up, running errands, getting in a sneaky workout, making snacks for the road, trying to get some work done, all while watching the little tornado (aka Piper). We'll see how that goes. 

On that happy note, here are some favourite things I've discovered as of late:



I'm sure a lot of you already know about Little Poppy Co, but if you don't, let me enlighten you. They're a bow subscription company, so every month they send you 3 new headbands or bow clips (you pick whatever you want) for $11.99. I hate how I always feel like I have to say this, but this totally isn't sponsored haha. Piper's hair is always in her face, so I was looking for cute clips and tried them out! You get 50% off with the first month (I believe the code is BOWS50), and you can cancel or pause at anytime. They have the cutest little patterns and styles!


For the past few months I've been using Care/Of Vitamins for all of my vitamins each week. They send you a months supply of the exact amount that you need each day in these little packets. Their products are all high quality which is nice because I used to go to a few different stores to get what I needed, and now they're sent every month, and already perfectly proportioned. I take a prenatal, fish oil (I would DEFINITELY recommend both if you are pregnant or nursing), probiotic, and vitamin D (because I am deficient). You can use SWOLE50 for 50% off your first month if this is something you'd find helpful!!



I posted on Wednesday about the benefits of using a stability ball during pregnancy, and listed some good exercises to go with it. I feel like a broken record because I always talk about it, but the core and the pelvic floor are SO important during pregnancy and should be PROPERLY taken care of. I posted a stability ball workout video this morning which is hopefully an additional help to fellow pregnant and postpartum women!



I was lucky enough to host a giveaway with L'oved Baby last week (seriously, I'm flattered because I love their stuff!!). They were kind enough to offer a 15% discount code as well, which is valid until the end of August! The code is REB15. I hate throwing all this discount codes out there haha because that's one thing I really hate about social media these days - everyone is trying to sell you something. I don't get any kickback from these discount codes, they are simply there if you want them! I LOVE L'oved Baby because their baby clothes are cute and simply, and suuuuper soft. I recently bought THIS and THIS with my code for baby boy!