Friday Favourites

Happy Fridayyy!! Piper is napping (thank the heavens, amirite?) and I'm scrambling to get things in order before the little tornado wakes up again. I love her so much, but man am I ready for weekend because this preggo lady needs one big nap.

Moving on.

 I haven't done a "favourite" post thing in a bit, so here are some things I am loving as of late. Happy weekend! Here's to hoping we all get a nap at some point!   


I mentioned this on my Instagram HERE, but next week (starting on Monday) I'm doing a little week-of-workouts for whoever wants to join in! I created 5 different workouts for the week (a lower body, 2 full bodys, an upper body, and a core/glute workout) that are easy to follow, and are can be done at home! I made two, a regular one, and one that is suitable for pregnant/newly postpartum women. I thought it would be a fun way to do something different, get in some good workouts, and have some accountability! 

Like I said, we'll all start it on Monday (July 31st) and you can get the workouts for $8 HERE (under workout challenge)!  


Okay, I'm a little late to the game here...but I bought a cast iron skillet on Amazon this week and I am OBSESSED!! I've been making frittatas and healthy desserts with it non-stop. I've been slowly trying to get a little more non-toxic with my products and supplies, and this is such a simple transition. I can't wait to share some of the recipes I've been using! 


Snapchat (username: goodfortheswole) has heard me talk about IdealRaw a hundred times already (err, sorry 'bout that), but I'm a huge fan of this protein! Since getting pregnant with Piper, I started paying more attention to exactly WHAT I was putting into my body. I don't think protein powder is essential for a healthy diet, but for a busy new mum like me, it's a life saver and it's so convenient. The problem I found with most protein powders is that they a) are super "clean", but taste absolutely rancid or b) are PACKED with tons of artificial sweeteners. I was previously using protein powder that, while I liked the ingredients, I didn't love the taste. 

I looked into IdealRaw, and I really like the ingredients (everything is organic and it's sweetened with a little stevia which, while I try to stay away from added sweeteners, I don't mind a little stevia here and there). It's also tastes goooood! 

Anyway, this is the protein I've been taking throughout this pregnancy, and I LOVE it! The chocolate peanut butter protein is my favourite, closely followed by vanilla and chocolate. I also love the superfood blend! You can use "SWOLE" for 10% any product on their website (even during sales).  


I've been eating this on repeat this week because Jordan has been super sick, and hasn't wanted anything for dinner, which means I don't feel the need to make dinner from scratch errnight. Piper and I have been DIGGING this soup! I got the recipe off Pinterest, HERE (I didn't add in the butter and I added green beans too), and it's a crockpot so #easy! Plus I love knowing we're getting in all the goods with one dish!