20 Weeks Pregnant

HALF WAY!!! This pregnancy is a-cruzin' by! I'm being induced at 39 weeks again (because of the blood clot medication I have to be on), so I'm already past the 1/2 way mark! My official due date is December 11th, but I'll be induced on the 4th! Let's face it though, if being induced takes as long as it did with Piper, I'll probably have HIM (!!!) on the 6th or 7th.  


We had the big ultrasound last week, and that's the only time I weigh myself (because you have to). I'm plumping up quite nicely, and from what I documented with Piper's pregnancy, I think I'm a couple of pounds more than I was with her at this point. 


Grilled cheese sandwiches! Only at night though haha? Acai bowls sound SO good. It's a good thing we're moving to California soon, because I haven't seen any good ones nearby. 


I AM INSANELY HUNGRY. I could eat and eat and eat. Not just snacks either. After big meals I could eat a whole other one like 10 minutes later. Looking back, I remember feeling this way with Piper right at this point too. It's a constant battle of not wanting to over-do it, but feeling ravenous still, but also trying to figure out what sounds good. That's really the only thing. I still have to pee a lot, but not nearly as much as I did with Piper yet. No aches or pains or anything at all.     


I would say I definitely always have a bump sticking out now, but it still varies day-to-day with how big it is. When I wear super baggy tops, you can't really tell, but it's pretty clear I'm preggo when I wear tighter shirts. 


They're, luckily, still awesome! I feel SO good during this pregnancy. I am still teaching spin 3x a week, and weight training 3x a week. I'm still logging all my workouts HERE.


We found out we are having a little boy this week!! I've had no "gut feeling" on what we were having (not that you can really know ha), so I would have been surprised either way. We were totally shocked when she showed us that there was a little boy in there. It's so crazy to me! I've always said this pregnancy has felt very different, but they say every pregnancy is different, so I didn't take it too much into account. The first trimester was MUCH worse this time around. Not just because I also had a little toddler to look after, but I was SOOO much sicker. Most days I spent in bed, with Piper, with all the lights shut off and a bunch of toys thrown around to keep her busy. I felt better immediately at 13 weeks and have felt awesome since! With Piper I was sick until about 16 weeks, but still continued to throw up every week throughout the entire pregnancy. I also had a lot more aches and pains.

Baby boy looked PERFECT! Everything is growing as it should, which is the best news of all. He's 7 inches long (from head to butt) and weighs 10 oz. I'm so excited for the new experience of a baby boy this time! I can't wait to see Piper become an older sister too! Let's face it, she'll most likely be a VERY bossy one.