4 Months Pregnant

Today marks 16 weeks of pregnancy and I'm feelin' flyyyy. But really this time. I actually feel SO good!

FOOD CRAVINGS: My body still wants veggies, although not as drastically as last week. I think my body is still trying to make up for all those weeks I couldn't stomach anything green haha. Fresh fruit always sounds reeeeally good...especially cherries and peaches. I've started craving french fries, so that's fun. I haven't had them yet though. Ah I'm salivating just thinking about it.

SYMPTOMS: No nausea or sickness anymore (unless I don't eat every 2 hours), and my ENERGY IS BACK!!! I feel like a whole new woman. I feel like I've suddenly been pumped full of caffeine compared to how I felt just last week. Other than that, I pretty much feel normal. I forget I'm pregnant most of the time because I feel so good! 

BABY BUMP: No legit-looking bump, I just look pretty thick in my stomach now, as opposed to just feeling bloated. With Piper, my bump appeared around 21-22 weeks, so I think this time it'll probably be sooner. Hopefully! Because I look like I have a killer food baby 99% of the time.

WORKOUTS: Now that my energy is back, I'm able to go to the gym at night again. Jordan goes mountain biking to the gym super early before work, and I go after Piper is down for the night around 7:30ish. It feels SO good to move my body and sweat again. It makes me feel more like myself, and I love knowing I'm keeping me and this baby strong and healthy. 'm posting a workout log for this pregnancy under the "ALL THINGS BABY" tab at the top!

OTHER: It's so weird being pregnant again, because I expected it to be the exact same, and in some ways it is similar, but it's so different. I was MUCH sicker this time around, but it didn't last as long as it did with Piper. With Piper, I had to pee like a crazy person from the get-go, but with this one I haven't really noticed much of a change. I also knew I was pregnant with Piper before I got a positive pregnancy test because my chest grew so much and it huuuuurt. This time, my chest is baaaarely starting to grow in size at 16 weeks. I also just feel different. It's hard to explain, but regardless, I AM SO EXCITED!!! We go in for the big ultrasound in 3 weeks (and to find out the gender). I'd love for Piper to have a sister so close in age, but I'd also love one of each, so we'll see!