First Trimester Ab Workout

There are a lot of struggles that come along with the 1st Trimester, but one positive (other than the fact that your pregnant, yay!!) is that you don’t need to really alter your regular workout routine yet!

During my 1st Trimester, I wanted to take advantage of working my abs before a bump got in the way of things! There’s also a lot of benefits to having a strong core during pregnancy like:

  • Improves recovery after delivery
  • Prevents/reduces back problems later in pregnancy
  • Easier labour
  • Stronger/tighter core acts like a corset around the middle – holds everything together

Here’s a typical core routine I did up until I needed to make modifications. **As always, consult your Doctor/ObGyn before beginning a new exercise routine, remember that sets and reps may vary person-to-person, and ALWAYS listen to your body.**

Repeat each circuit 3-4x before moving onto the next circuit. Rest for 60 seconds between each set.

Circuit 1:

Mountain climbers x 40

Reverse crunch x 12-15

Bicycles x 24

Circuit 2:

Plank x 60-90 seconds

Weighted Russian twists x 24

Weighted bent-leg jackknife x 12-15

Circuit 3:

Flutter kicks x 24

Twisted windmill x 24

Leg lifts x 12-15

I hope you enjoy this workout!! This is the type ab workout I did before I got pregnant as well, so feel free to try it out even if you’re not cooking a lil’ babe!