Piper's Pregnancy Video

Howdy heyyy! I've neglected this blog a little since having Piper which I feel bad about because I love sharing things that are hopefully helpful to others! I'm finnnnaally starting to feel better after getting mastitis so I vow to be more consistent! I do.

Phew. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

So while I was preggo with my eggo (aka Piper), Jordan and I filmed lots of little things along the way and I've eventually put a lil' video together! We have a loooot more footage...but the songs only so long, so only a few clips made the cut. I have another video of just the hospital/birth but I dunno...it's kind of an intimate thing so I'm not sure I'll share that one.

ALSO: I've had a surprising number of people DM me on Instagram and ask who the baby daddy is and if he's involved in Piper's life. Hahaha whoops. I guess I need to mention Jordan more on there. Hopefully this video proves I'm happily married and Jordan is very much apart of mine and Piper's life. Lawl.