Friday Favourites


I have been eyeing Healthy Human Life's bottles for a loooong time, and finally got some! Obviously, we all know that drinking water is important for our bodies, but it's especially important to stay hydrated when you're working out (and SO important if you're nursing too!!). I've found that having a water bottle always with me helps big time, otherwise I forget to drink! The reason I really wanted a Healthy Human Life bottle is because it's BPA free and lined with stainless steal, and it stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Every time I open the bottle I'm surprised at how cold it is. It seriously catches me off guard haha. I honestly, honestly can't say enough good things! I got this one and this one, and I loooove them.


Even though I do take a probiotic supplement every day, I try to eat a diet containing lots of good bacteria as well. I recently came across Lifeway Kefir, and I'm so impressed with them. They contain good bacteria, the milk is from grass-fed cows (holla), and they're high in protein, calcium, and vitamin D! I've been adding them to smoothies, eating with fruit, or just drinking as a post workout (I've recently been drinking this after a workout because it's so easy, but also perfect for recovery!). I've found them in pretty much every store I've been to!


I've seen Perfect Bars all over Instagram, but hadn't tried them until this week! The great thing about having a "fitness related" Instagram, is that I get a lot of ideas, recipes, motivation etc. from those I follow, but the bad thing is that I end up wanting to try out a million and one different products. I only post about the ones I absolutely love though and use regularly, and Perfect Bar is now one of them! ALSO, they are on sale at Sprouts right now for buy one, get one I bought some, and have been back 2x this week to get more. So sue me. They contain complex carbs, high quality protein, and are packed with superfoods (kale, spinach, alfalfa, etc <-- you totally can't taste that though ha). Like I mentioned in my milk supply post, they are awesome for boosting milk production because they contain healthy oils, seeds, and nuts!


My sister bought two Rock n Play's for Piper and her baby when we went to Newport, and they were AWESOME! They're super light to carry and fold up easily. I've been using it ever since for her naps during the day, or for when we're at family's houses etc. She sleeps really, really well in it, and just looks so cosy! Now that I've tried it, I would DEFINITELY add it to my "must haves" for babies!