Friday Favourites

HAPPPYYYYYYY FRIDAY!! This week flew by and I can't believe I already have a 6 week old! In other news, my sister had her baby yesterday and I can't wait to meet her! Another sister is due in August so Pipe's is going to have so many cousins her age to play with. Yay!

Now on to some favourites from the week:


Okay first off, Piper's hair is getting out.of.control! Haha what am I supposed to do with it?? I comb it down right after her bath and BING! It's shoots back up again ha. I kinda love it though. Second, she looks like a giant in this picture - and so chunky! She's still super tiny and petite. This angle was just not workin for her. My B. And third (and the real point of this picture), I looooove this Puj bath tub! It folds into any sink and she just chills in there. She looks a little concerned in the picture, but she never once cries when taking a bath. It's so comfortable for her and easy for me to bathe her. Love love!


Her smile!! HER SMILE!!! I can't get enough of her smile and her laugh (it's more like her puffing out air at this point, but I'll take it ha). She's such a happy babe. Anyway, so since I'm breastfeeding I didn't put too much thought into bottles. I pump on top of nursing her to make sure we have a good supply in the freezer (it's starting to look like a milk farm in there ha) and also a bottle on hand when we're out and about. It turns out Piper is super picky about which bottles she'll take and TwistShake is hands down her favourite. It's a Swedish brand and they've won all sorts of awards in Europe which is cool and all, but I love it because it's anti-colic, BPA free, and it's easy for her to drink from! Plus, it has a little container inside for formula-fed babes! They're offering 20% off with the code 'goodfortheswole20' if you want to try them out! 


Working out again has definitely been the highlight of my week! It helps me feel like "myself" again and I feel just all-around a better person. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of intimidating starting to exercise again because I'm not to sure where to begin. I'm just starting to feel it out and see how my body responds. I'm nowhere near doing what I did before I got pregnant, but I'll get there!


I love this Drink Iconic brand because the protein is from grass-fed cows, it's low in sugar (which is SO hard to come by with protein drinks), has good fiber, high in protein (duh), and it tastes so good. Plus it tastes pretty much like chocolate milk...obviously haha. They also have vanilla bean and coffee flavoured ones! They're so nice to have on hand after a good workout to help my body recover. Plus, Pipe's loves the chocolately flavour it gives my milk ;). Har har. Not funny. I know, I know.