Fitting In Exercise With A New Baby

I'd say the most frequently asked questions as of late have been about how to exercise with a little one (or ones) at home. And it's SUCH a hard question to answer because everyone's situation is different. Some women are working on top of looking after their babes, some have multiple children, and each baby's schedules are obviously very different. I don't think there is simply one way to do it. I'll share what's worked for me in this stage that I'm in. I'm sure I'll have to adapt as she grows and different responsibilities come my way, but here's how I make room for exercise in my daily routine:


Piper has two really good, long naps during the day (and on a good day, a third one) so those are my "get everything done" slots. As soon as I feed her in the morning, I eat breakfast and get changed into my workout clothes. Doing this helps me utilize her nap times more efficiently because I don't have to talk myself into working out once she's down. I can put her to sleep and then immediately begin warming up and get it done!


From coaching a lot of women I noticed an issue that every single mother had - she stopped taking care of herself to take care of others. While it's such a selfless and noble thing, IT'S NOT NECESSARY! In fact, putting yourself first (as selfish as it may sound) is actually the best thing you can do for your family! You'll feel better (mentally and physically), you'll have more energy, and you'll set an example to your children of taking care of your precious body. I know exercising makes me the best version of myself which is why it's a top priority! Folding laundry and having a clean home (although important) don't make me a good mother and wife. Don't let exercise be at the bottom of your list!


Speaking of lists - make one! I make a to-do list every night before I go to bed of what I have to/want to get done the next day. Exercise is ALWAYS on there! Crossing it off gives me a sense of accomplishment and I constantly see it every time I open my list. Plus, having a list makes me more efficient throughout the day and I don't waste my time.


Along with adding exercise onto your to-do list, plan out WHAT you are going to do and get specific! Are you going to follow a youtube video? Which one? Are you doing a HIIT workout with weights? Bodyweight training? Again, this takes away the "guess" work and stops you from wasting time! I love compound movements (exercise that works multiple muscles) to get the biggest bang for my buck! I also like to over-plan my if I actually finish it all then I did extra! If Piper wakes up half way through and I don't get to finish, well I still got in a good workout!