3 Months Of Piper

I took a break from posting on here and Instagram last week while we were on vacation in Newport with my family, and it was a much needed break. I always want to be very present with Piper (especially now that she's a little more interactive and alert). I usually post, answer emails and comments while she's napping, so it was nice taking a break from my phone for a week and relaxing when she slept.

Anyway, Newport was LIT and Piper turned 3 months while we were there! She's so happy and smiley right now and is getting more and more fun to play with!

My favourite thing is how happy and excited she is to see me in the morning. It's s'cute. Granted it's probably just because she's hungry (she knows my face = milk), but I still love it!

She's discovered her hands (and recently her toes) so she's constantly playing with them. She loves her little play mat and tries to swat at the things hanging down from it. She's pretty uncoordinated, but it's cute to see her try! A for effort.

I used to put her down late at night (11-11:30) so she'd sleep through the night (she'd wake up at 7), but I want her down earlier now because Jordan and I can barely keep our eyes open that late. Yes, har har, we're old now. She's been going down around 9-9:30 and waking up at 6, so like heyoooo!

I could go on and on, but I know no one else is interested in this stuff. Basically, she is the sweetest thing and although she's hard work sometimes, she's so worth it.


My body is continuing to recover well and I'm almost feeling 100% back to normal now. My skin is continuing to go down, but it's definitely still stretchy. I start teaching spin classes again next week and I did a mini spin workout last week and nearly died, so that should be fun ha.

I also started working again this week (today was my first day back) which was weird. Luckily, my job is flexible so I'll be working from home while Piper naps. We'll see how that goes. Eek!