Friday Favourites

Weeks go by so fast, yet so slowly these days...if that makes sense. The days go by so slowly, but suddenly I have a 2 week old? Wha whaaaaa?! Toooo weird.

I feel like I'm slowly feeling like myself again and getting used to this new life of ours. I know I still have a looooooot to learn, but I'm beginning to get the hang of this parenting thing. *Curve ball: baby just had a blow out on our bed. I take it back - I have no clue what the crap I'm doing (pun intended).



Eating for breastfeeding 101: put plain greek yogurt in a bowl, and top with as much food as possible. I'm CONSTANTLY hungry now that I'm breastfeeding (eating has become my full-time job now, I swear), so finding ways to pack in as many nutrients at one time is helping me survive. This bowl is topped with homemade granola, strawbs, natural peanut butter, and 90% dark chocolate chunks because #yolo.


How cute are these beanies?!?! I mean, HOW CUTE???? I've always been a lover of beanies...but tiny, baby beanies?! Are you kidding me?! SloucHeadwear has THE most adorable beanies! I got the lemon and blush colours from their spring collection and I'm in heaven. Also, they're having a 25% off sale for Memorial Day right now so get yo bootay over there! Stat!!


I am SO in love with G2G bars!! I tried my first one this week and I've definitely had one every day since then. They are SO good...I mean SO good!! Ever since getting pregnant with Piper, I've started paying a lot more attention to ingredients and exactly what I put into my body. I love G2G bars, not only for the taste, but because I recognize all their ingredients and they don't contain preservatives. Plus, they have a lot of ingredients that are great for keeping up a good milk supply. **BONUS: you can get 20% off if you use the code 'TheSwole'. Hip hip hurray!!


I debated whether or not I wanted to have professional newborn pictures of Piper taken. I then figured, #yoloagain! She's changing and I want profesh pictures of this stage because it'll be gone so soon! I'm so happy with how they all turned out.  I went to Camera Shy Photography and they were so good with her and it didn't take very long at all! Look at her tiny, tiny features!! Her hair is starting to lighten up which is weird because my hair is practically black. She has the longest little, light eyelashes now. She's toooo precious...even when she poops on my bed.