Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!! Boy am I ready for this weekend! Piper and I flew back to California yesterday, and it feels so good to be home. It was the best spending time with my family, seeing Piper play with her cousins, and enjoying Utah's fall weather (my favourite), but I always miss the routine and structure of our normal life. Plus we missed Jordan after being away from him for 9 days!!


Pumpkin Protein French Toast ||

Okay. I'm not one to brag (jk I totally am), but this was SO GOOD! I sorta just winged this breakfast, and it turned out AMAAAAZING!!! The batter was quite thick, so I was afraid it would be a bust and turn out gross, but it somehow worked out! I posted the recipe on my Instagram already, but I want to share it again because YOU.NEED.IT

Mix 2 pasture raised eggs, cinnamon and pumpkin spice (to taste), a splash of almond milk, 2 tbsp pumpkin puree (only ingredient should be pumpkin), and 1 scoop IdealRaw vanilla protein (10% off with "SWOLE") together in a bowl. Heat a little ghee or coconut oil on a skillet, and dip a slice of sprouted bread into mixture, fully coating both sides. Place bread onto skillet and cook both sides. There was enough mixture for 4-5 slices of bread!


Milk & Eggs ||

I actually first heard about the company Milk & Eggs on Instagram, from following people that live in California, and I even checked out the website and looked at all the products (even though we were living in AZ at the time and they don't deliver there haha). I just really appreciate companies who make living a healthy lifestyle easy and affordable! They have THE BEST selection of fresh produce and products, and it's cheaper because they cut out the middleman. This is not sponsored haha, I just really love them! I choose to still go to Sprouts once a week for a few other things (and because I loooove grocery shopping), but our trips are much shorter which is lifesaving when you have a very squirmy toddler.

Again, this isn't sponsored, I just highly highly recommend checking them out if you live in the LA or Orange County area (hopefully they expand to other areas soon!).


Favourite Maternity Clothes ||

If you read my "Postpartum Must Haves" post (you can read it HERE), you'll see I mentioned Bae The Label quite a bit. I recently got a few articles of clothing from them, and what I love the most is a) they are actually cute and not just "pregnancy" cute, ya know? b) a LOT of their items can be worn whether you are pregnant or not, and c) they have tons of nursing friendly options...hence why I mentioned them in my postpartum post. I recently posted an Instagram story sharing all of my favourite maternity clothes, but i plan on doing a full blog post too. In the meantime, I think this is by far my favourite maternity brand I've tried because of the quality, comfort, and style. I got THIS dress, THIS skirt, THIS lounge dress (nursing friendly), THIS sweater (nursing friendly), and THESE pants. All can be worn whether pregnant or not!


Favourite Pregnancy Exercise ||

I decided to include different pregnancy exercises each week into this ole' "Friday Favourites" thing, because I thought it might be helpful for providing new ideas to incorporate if you are pregnant! I don't know about you, but I get sick of doing the same type of thing over and over, so hopefully this is a helpful addition! I wish I started doing this sooner, but 33/34 weeks pregnant is better than never!

TRICEP DIPS WITH ALTERNATING LEG/ARM RAISES: You can see an example of this exercise HERE (it's the 2nd exercise in the video). Not only does it target the triceps, but it also creates some instability, with raising alternate arm and leg, which activates the transverse abdominis. This muscle is part of the core and is the most important abdominal muscle to work during pregnancy because it holds everything together (helping to prevent diastasis recti), supports your lower back, and will help with delivery, along with restoring your core postpartum. **Note: this is NOT an ab crunch. Simply raise your leg and raise one arm WITHOUT crunching the stomach.

SUMO SQUAT WITH SIDE KNEE RAISE: You can see an example of this exercise HERE (it's the 1st exercise in the video). This has been my favourite exercise recently! Later on during pregnancy, I struggle with finding exercises that raise my heart rate, because most plyometric exercises can put too much pressure on your pelvic floor as your baby gets bigger. This exercise is gentle on the pelvic floor (squats are awesome for strengthening it actually!), and it elevates your heart rate! Bringing up the leg to the side also adds instability which, again, activates your transverse abdominis. **Note: this is NOT a side ab crunch. simply raise your leg to the side which keeping your core stable.